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User Info: Strife2

1 month ago#211
David and Sultan got the better of us. That said, placing His Majesty back on the throne will take some time. Time enough to make everyone else in the tag team division suffer. Stifled should have hoped his partner was around more. His Majesty and I didn't hesitate to beat him down.

Onto the next team of weaklings.
"NOW LET THE TORTURE BEGIN...Death by the Headcrusher!" - Megadeth - Headcrusher
(edited 1 month ago)

User Info: BrokenRaven

1 month ago#212
Maniac - 5
DP - 4

Maniac makes a statement with a huge win over the HW champ!

Eddv - 5
XIII - 3

Eddvard becomes the #1 contender to the MELEE Mayhem title.

Broken Raven - Wins
Brother Thomas - Put through a Tayble

Yours truly, The Broken Raven, has become the Master of Taybles! More on this later.

Sultan/David - 7
eaed/Boko - 2


Solio - 1
Egg - 8

Double ouch!

Machete - 4
GTM - 5

GTM wins, huzzah

Empire of Silence - 3
Strife/Apollo - 6

And the Silent Empire continues to fall further into obscurity

User Info: BrokenRaven

1 month ago#213
It was only a month ago that the man who calls himself a fair authority, Young Thomas, had the audacity to tell me, The Broken Raven, to stop crying and leave. He made the error of mistaking my rightful protests as a desperate cry for attention, and now only one question needs to be asked... who's crying now?

Because in only a matter of weeks, I defeated former Emperor Shad and he eventually fell far down to the ranks of his rightful title, Jester Shad. Then, I slayed the UCA bear and you'll never see it waste time in this ring or space on this roster. I followed that up by derailing the gravy train. And then in the most glorious victory of them all, I put Young Thomas straight through a table and into obscurity where he belongs.

Because of the circumstances with how the match ended, I have earned my rematch with The Dark Prince Oblivion. When I rightfully put him through a table, the powers that be will have no choice but to recognize me as the #1 contender to the Undisputed Championship and give me the title match that I've deserved for a long time. And when I become not only the Master of Taybles, but also the Master of the UCA, fools like Young Eddvard will also have no choice but to recognize me as not only the face of The Flock, but also the face of the UCA.

User Info: Emeraldegg

1 month ago#214
Good, there is truly no question that I am the new LW champion!
I'm a greener egg than the eggs from dr. seuss

User Info: IhatethisCPU

1 month ago#215
(...Oh wow the crash actually kept this. ...I am impressed.)

*The Titantron staticks to life for the first time in ages, revealing a... curiously happy cyborg in a hotel room and a PS3 controller in... one hand. ...The other's in a sling. ...The Melee Mayhem belt is also missing.*

Oi oi, been some toime, and you 'ave me apologies, had some... uh... technical difficulties. ...And physical issues.*I glance down at the sling, and shrug.* There was an teleportation issue, got me robotic arm stuck in an electric sign during my last MM title defense, not a big deal, just need to keep it in this siphoning sling to drain off the excess energy so me arm don't explode. *Nods apologetically to the camera.* You know how it is.

Anyhow, you all don't care about that, yer more interested in the European Melee Mayhem championship! And, I am happy to say that I am no longer in possession of the blasted thing! *The grin shifts to an slightly evil tone.* I mean, I'm ...sorry... to say... that I was pinned by one of my coworkers here in SSW... three weeks ago, I believe? It should be up on the Official SSW Youtube channel by now, if the S Team interns didn't accidentally crash it AGAIN. *Glares to the right towards a door, where he's greeted by a championship belt hitting him square in the face.*

Wh- WHAT THE HEC- ...is this the-

(From the door.)

"Yes, that's your belt. Slightly spruced up in fact!"

...Why are you-

"*I* didn't want that hideous thing! But I had to get it away from you somehow! I *bequeath* it back to you!"

...Who paid you off, Princess?

"No one! Just not our property, and we're not going to risk a repeat of the Comic books kerfuffle."

Oh come on, I don't even want-

"We know that, but our legal team will never forget the Anders Incident, so not taking the risk."

...Why did you let me put it up then.

"You did say you were going to defend it here!"

...But if I'm just going to get the belt back if I lose it he-

"Just this once! You' still have to defend it at your old-"

LIKE HELL I DO! Negotiations are still on-going!

"One night deals and working agreements!"

...You didn't sign a-

"Of course we didn't, they're beneath us! But we are sending you back for one night!"


"When you lose the belt *there* you can work for us full-time!"

...Thank for the vote of confidence, Sal.

"You earned in the last few matches! ...Also you did make fun of my husband at the bar."


"That's a matter of opinions, dear! Have fun!" *The voice fades away*

...*Apparently the belt is mine again.* ...ALRIGHT, MANIAC YOU WANT THIS BELT, I'M COMING TO *YOU!* I'll see you in- whenever the brown f*** Lethal Lottery week 2 is!
Hi, I'm CPU, and I'm 90% dumb, 10% water. And 10% percent poor math skills.
(edited 1 month ago)

User Info: muddersmilk

1 month ago#216
(edited 1 month ago)

User Info: Eddv

1 month ago#217
What the actual hell that match was for a shot at Maniac?

How do i keep not getting the memo?!?
Board 8's Voice of Reason

User Info: muddersmilk

1 month ago#218
Your ineptitude keeps putting you in my way Eddy.

I am beginning to think your mistakes are intentional and you are trying to ruin my fun.

Don't ruin my fun Eddy.

User Info: eaedwards6400

1 month ago#219
Eddv you're third in line anyways. Go order a pizza.
Cheer, Cheer for Old Notre Dame! GO VOTE FOR UCA! ~Join B8 on TEW!~

User Info: eaedwards6400

1 month ago#220
Btw the spreadsheet is updated and with All time updates too.
Cheer, Cheer for Old Notre Dame! GO VOTE FOR UCA! ~Join B8 on TEW!~
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