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User Info: davidponte

1 week ago#241
Sultan speaks the truth!

User Info: XIII_rocks

1 week ago#242
Unleash RUIN

Such a lust for revenge

User Info: davidponte

1 week ago#243
oooooh yeah

User Info: davidponte

1 week ago#244
davidponte posted...
There is no separating Simply Rich. How's that for chemistry?

Since day 1, we've shown that no two people can stack up to us when we put our forces together. We've both defeated and defended our titles against some of the most prestigious Tag Teams the UCA has ever seen, and we've proven countless times that we are able, both together and separately, to beat some of the biggest stars in the company.

Tonight, we are on our way to another successful title defense, and at Lethal Lottery, we'll be taking it a step further.

Firstly, together we will be at the advantage on Day 1 as we team up to secure our entrance in the #1 Contendership Battle Royale, then, on Day 2, not only will we once again defend our Tag Team titles in dominant fashion, but we will also come out victorious in the aforementioned Battle Royale.

At the end of Lethal Lottery, Sultan and David will be your Tag Team Champions, and one of us will also be your #1 Contender to the UNDISPUTED Championship. We've shown before that we can dominate the UCA when we work for it, and there's nothing we'll be working harder for than an absolute victory at Lethal Lottery.

I'll be ready. Sultan will be ready. Will you be ready, UCA?

User Info: Strife2

1 week ago#245
Ruin Results for 4/20/17

Stifled – 3
Eddv – 8

Not the result Stifled was hoping for heading into what could be his final shot at DP’s championship.

GTM – 0
Maniac – 11


Sultan/david – 11
Nee/Machete – 0

This is definitely unexpected. Two absolute shutouts on the same card. Maniac and Simply Rich have momentum.

Solio/Stevie – 2
Tom/Apollo – 9

An administrator and a king showed why they are in power.

Luster –
Gravy – 2
Emerald – 9

I feel I lucked out in the draw. Emerald continues to roll on as LW Champion.

Raven – 4
Strife – 6

DARKNESS overcame the power of Broken taybles.
"NOW LET THE TORTURE BEGIN...Death by the Headcrusher!" - Megadeth - Headcrusher
(edited 1 week ago)
*sips tea*

No other opponents matter right now. Only Dp.

I'll handle all these other folks after I win the Undisputed Title!
Bear Bro
The Empire of Silence

User Info: muddersmilk

1 week ago#247

muddersmilk posted...

Dang it eaed, stop getting in my way.

Looks like I am going to have to put you down for good.

As for CPU.

First you threaten to mess with my title and "redesign it". Then you insult the blindfold match which I created. Now you seem determined to stay in Europe to avoid fighting me at Lethal Lottery.

So let me make something clear. If you do not show up, I will hunt you down, invade SSW, and personally beat you and anyone who touches the MM title to a bloody pulp. Then I will take the title and bring it back to the UCA.

User Info: IhatethisCPU

1 week ago#248
(From ruin just now cause I 'm too lazy refresh to see if the time's up for voting >_>')

IhatethisCPU posted...
To the @muddersmilk

Aha. Haha. Hahahaha. Shamefully, you, much like most of your federations viewer, seem unable to read, so allow me to clarify my position. I am Percival Watson, head of legal for Super Sonic Wrasslin', and the man charged with making sure our talent does not get mistreated and their characters defamed. We had to deal with Sonic 2006, and Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric, we know when our talent has been mistreated.

The man you know as CPU is not determined to stay here, He is not being permitted to leave. And he did not ask to redesign your... cut-rate spinner belt abomination, we did.

He promised to be back to defend the belt against you or that fellow that somehow misspelled his own name, however, we no longer have any desire to allow one of our newest acquisitions be devalued by having to work in a company such the one you seem to find yourself trapped in, and an environment we find questionable, at best, as is being proven by your behavior. Perhaps we could've arranged a deal for you to work here for a night, but your threats have rendered that possibility moot. If you come to the SSW after this Lethal Lottery n. 2, you will forcibly removed from the premises and potentially shot in the kneecaps.

Much Love, Percival Watson.

P.S. Just because you created it does not mean it was a good idea. Your blindfold match is mentioned in the same breath as that "Billiard Room Brawl' match that was created to tie in with Sonic '06's release. YOU KNOW THE ONE.
Hi, I'm CPU, and I'm 90% dumb, 10% water. And 10% percent poor math skills.

User Info: davidponte

1 week ago#249
There is nothing surprising about a dominant win from Simply Rich.
GameFlux: Unofficial GameFAQs board browser

User Info: Tom Bombadil

Tom Bombadil
1 week ago#250
omagaw tombat time is now
Tombolo Friends of the friendless, seize the day!
The problem is the racism against cute Pokemon.- Luster Soldier
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