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User Info: Ainoxi

4 days ago#31
Iron Fist so far seems like it would be a good show for Mystery Science Theater 3000. Forgot a word.

I'm somewhat enjoying the show, but there have been moments where I think I would love the show if it were being made fun of. Not the best endorsement I guess.

Like when (spoilers for first two eps of Iron First) Danny steals Douche-Bro's car in the parking lot and Douche-Bro's reaction is to jump in the car with him? Why in god's name would anyone jump in a car with a carjacker that they think is a crazy person.
Or in the second episode when the dead dad is questioning Danny in his drugged up state and his reaction to hearing "The Hand" was for some reason absolutely hilarious to me "Wait what sworn enemy of who?" I'm honestly not sure if the delivery was supposed to be funny or not though, it's like the show is caught in a limbo between campy and serious and can't quite pick which it is.
And dammit Danny, if you're about to be let out of the crazy person hospital don't then decide to explain about the magical dimension or whatever you trained in. "Oh, looks like you're leaning towards letting me go as you believe me when I say who I am now! Have I told you about the magical dimension that only appears every 15 years where I did my super magic kung fu training? Well this is a good a time as any!"

And the white lines effect when he's doing his meditation whatever looks like it was thrown together in about 5 minutes in After Effects.
(edited 4 days ago)

User Info: scarletspeed7

4 days ago#32
Oh I gotcha. Yeah there are some bone-headed decisions on this show.
"Reading would be your friend." ~Dave Meltzer

User Info: CoolCly

4 days ago#33
Harold is pretty interesting imo. He's very similar to Malcolm Merlyn in a lot of ways.
The batman villians all seem to be one big joke that batman refuses to laugh at - SantaRPG

User Info: swordz9

4 days ago#34
I'm up to ep7 I think for S1 of Legends of Tomorrow. Last one I saw had Star City in the year like 2040 something. Best characters so far are Snart, Rory and Sara. Stein is also pretty great and Ray has his moments. I'm sure the others will get better as it goes on maybe. Rip is uh kind of not very good at much of anything though >_>

User Info: SovietOmega

4 days ago#35
Legends is a show you kinda have to turn your brain off a bit to enjoy. If your character isn't Snart or Rory, then something facepalmy is probably happening.

Like in the most recent episode, season 2 episode 14 Ray is fighting Thawne in space. Ray has full use of his suit. Thawne has a knife and doesn't have his speed because apparently super speed requires gravity, which we all know definitely does not exist in space. You might think that any kind of motion could be sped up, but no, Thawne is basically the equivalent of a street thug brandishing a knife...and he is almost a match for Ray in his suit, who even smacks him with an energy blast.

Later on, the Waverider gets smacked by a bunch of meteors because apparently there is an asteroid belt just past the moon and they all decided to bunch together on the off chance a time ship meanders about. The thing that can handle all kinds of abuse like a nuke is conveniently all but destroyed. I am sure by the time I finish this episode something else cringeworthy will happen.

These are the kind of flaws I learned to live with The Flash since it fully realizes how it is abusing science and takes it in creative stride, but here in LoT, it is being used for lazy plot, and that works against my enjoyment of it despite loving the general theme.

There is no shame in not knowing; the shame lies in not finding out
(edited 4 days ago)

User Info: BlackMageJawa

4 days ago#36
^ I choose to believe that the whole 'gravity' thing was an in-universe mistake, and actually the Speed Force simply doesn't extend that far beyond Earth's surface.

I'm sure there's hundreds of comics (and probably one or two Arrowverse episodes) that contradict that, but it's still far less stupid than what they wrote in that episode.
The shattered stage is set and there's a role you must fulfil

User Info: scarletspeed7

3 days ago#37
Does everyone here watch all of the Arrowverse in release order?
"Reading would be your friend." ~Dave Meltzer
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User Info: mnkboy907

3 days ago#39
I mean sometimes I mix up the shows within the same week but otherwise yeah I watch everything week to week.
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scarletspeed7 posted...
Does everyone here watch all of the Arrowverse in release order?

Yes, always Supergirl > Flash > LoT > Arrow
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