Fire Emblem Discussion Topic Part 5: Bet you wish you had Hector Edition

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User Info: WhiteLens

1 week ago#21
Team Rocket Elite posted...
Xuxon posted...
Team Rocket Elite posted...
Everyone playing on Android got a free 4* CorrinF. People on iOS got nothing. Although, they can log on on an Andrioid device to get the character.

but i heard if you switch, all your orbs disappear (to discourage switching and buying orbs during a sale of the other's currency)

If you switch back, the Orbs come back. You don't lose them permanently.

Basically how it works is that iOS and Android have their own individual 'stock' for orbs. So what you earn on Android stays on Android and what you earn on iOS stays on iOS.

Though to be safe, I just emptied out my orb stock on summons before logging in on an Android device. |
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User Info: MrSmartGuy

1 week ago#22
When I began re-rolling the second week the game was out, I told myself that I would keep going until I either got a great 5* character with decent support or Hector in particular. I ended up rolling Takumi one time, but I didn't get anything to go with him.

At that point I decided I'd at least see what a second roll would get, since that only takes like an extra 20 minutes to check, and I didn't especially want to lose Takumi.

Pulled a Hector next batch. So I feel like that's a decent route to go when re-rolling. Go either until you get the most insane pull ever, or go until you get something you like, then play enough for one more batch, and if you whiff, then you can try again, knowing you only wasted a half hour or so for a chance at fantastic upside.
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User Info: Tom Bombadil

Tom Bombadil
1 week ago#23
sometimes your team works

sometimes your 5/40+1 Lucina jobs to a 4/35 generic axe armor
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What I would say to people rerolling is don't set your sights on anyone in particular who isn't a focus character. I probably did a solid 200-250 rerolls and never once saw Hector, Takumi, Lucina, etc. I saw 1 Azura but it was on a garbage roll. You very rarely see 5*'s that aren't focus and are high in the tier rankings which makes sense since each focus character is like 0.5% chance whereas the others are like 3% divided by the number of 5*'s possible which is a lot.

I'd say reroll on a PC (it takes 3-5 mins) and settle on an account that has either multiple 5*'s or a 5* with solid 4*'s. You get like 50 orbs straight away so can do 2 rolls and can get to a 3rd roll in like 15-20 mins if you have an account that looks promising.

Can't be bothered doing the actual math but quick head math says you get 2x 5*'s off 2 multi-pulls roughly every 11-12 rerolls
(edited 1 week ago)
Also are we due a new banner soon? I got up to 60 orbs and want to roll but already have 3 of the focus characters on this banner so don't want to roll on it again.

User Info: WhiteLens

1 week ago#26
There should be a new banner when the Michalis Great Hero Battle comes in. It doesn't bring in any new characters though, just focus on certain characters. |
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User Info: Xuxon

1 week ago#27
there will be a new one coming later this week. should be Thursday or Friday. it's not very good. Minerva, Eliwood, Gordin and Selena.

bit over a week until a legit new banner (characters that aren't in the game yet). those have generally been better.
So this skill inheritance thing, the unit you lose has to be able to learn the skill to transfer?

So for example, the 2* Matthew you start off with has Poison Strike 1/2/3 learned at 3/4/5*. If I want to give Poison Strike 3 to Jaffar, the Matthew has to be 5*? Because when I try feed him to Jaffar as a 2* no Poison Strikes turn up.

User Info: profDEADPOOL

1 week ago#29
That is correct. They have to be able to learn it with SP to pass it on
profDEADPOOL posted with GameRaven
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(edited 1 week ago)
Oh well I guess this is useful then
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