Fire Emblem Discussion Topic Part 5: Bet you wish you had Hector Edition

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User Info: Wanglicious

4 days ago#31
yeah, that's why looking to 4* moves is better and why it's hard for Brave weapon users to transfer their move properly. a couple examples of 4* skill whores with units that are either 3* base or free...

corrin f = dark breath, draconic aura, and hone attack 3
beruka = glimmer, defiant def 3, lunge
fae = renewal 3
felicia = glacies and breath of life 3
florina = darting blow 3 and breath of life 2
gordin = brave bow and vantage 2
gunter = harsh command, hone cavalry
hana = rally attack, life and death 2, and obstruct
jagen = aegis, fury 2, fortify cavalry
lissa = renewal 2 and rehabilitate
lon'qu = glimmer and vantage 3
matthew = poison strike 2 and hone spd 3
narcian = vengeance, lancebreaker, savage blow 2
palla = moonbow, wings of mercy 2, goad fliers
saizo = harsh command, pison strike 3, spur spd 2
wrys = rehabilitate, heavenly light, and live to serve 2
young tiki = bonfire and defiant atk 3
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User Info: KJH

4 days ago#32

Heads up for super early tomorrow! Early chance at Michalis Grand Battle before it goes up on the 24th, but only from 4:15 AM to 5 AM (PT).

I'll be giving it a shot if only because they're giving rewards based on how many people clear it in that 45 minutes.
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That's 7:15 AM where I am. Kind of early. I guess I could contribute but I might just leave it to you guys !
Black Turtle did a pretty good job.

User Info: WhiteLens

4 days ago#34
Those Europeans and Japanese better pull through for us! |
Congrats to the last man standing in Guru, DpObliVion

User Info: AfroSquirrel

4 days ago#35
I can do Hard, but I still haven't cracked Lunatic on one of these yet.
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lol what kind of s***ty time is that
does anyone even read this

User Info: SSBM_Guy

4 days ago#37
yeah no I'm not waking up at 4:15 for this
I'm, like...SO hyped for DpObliVion's destruction of the Guru contest!
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User Info: Xuxon

4 days ago#38
i'm gonna be mad if the Japanese get 2 more copies than we do because of this s*** time

User Info: WhiteLens

4 days ago#39
Isn't it all on the same server?

I keep getting friend requests from people with Japanese names.

Furthermore you can change the language in the settings to Japanese. That's how you get Japanese voices in the game. |
Congrats to the last man standing in Guru, DpObliVion
(edited 4 days ago)
Couldn't resist pulling as I had 80+ orbs and I don't have a lot of units.

Nothing I really wanted but still a pretty good pull I think. Glad I did the second pull as Cain/Lucius/Caeda all came on the second pull.

5* Cain (Spd-/Def+)
5* Lucius (HP-/Spd+)
4* Hana (HP-/Spd+)
4* Caeda (HP-/Res+)
4* Subaki (Res-/Def+)
3* Gordin (Spd-/HP+)
3* Setsuna (HP-/Res+)
3* Setsuna (Def-/HP+)
3* Cherche (Res-/ATk+)
3* Sophia (Atk-/Def+)

So now I have 5x 5*'s off I think 6 pulls. Even if 2 of those 5*'s are pretty bad.
(edited 3 days ago)
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