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mnkboy907 posted...
I get the feeling the match pics alone will decide it. I don't imagine most voters will actually bother to look at whatever lists or write ups will be provided (at least not before they vote), so whatever games they can easily see in the pictures will be what decides their vote. Which means predictions could be kinda hard without knowing which games will be most visible in the pics.

I hope we can get voting interface that looks very similar to this interface from the previous contest:

I am assuming we're going to get 1 match per day for the entire contest. If that is the case, I think we need to have the same voting interface shown in the archived page I linked to above so we can have match pictures large enough to properly depict the major games from both years in the match.
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User Info: Ex-Kefiroth

1 day ago#112
Tag, im pretty excited for this.
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User Info: spooky96

1 day ago#114
This is depressing AF, hopefully we'll get a real contest at the end of this year or early 2018.
Congrats DpObliVion for wrecking gurus
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A contest for best year in gaming? Seriously? What's next? A contest for the best food item in a video game? Sorry, but this idea is really stupid.

2016 is gonna win by the way. Overwatch fanboys are gonna be all over this.

User Info: Ngamer64

1 day ago#116
Interesting choice, this isn't an option I'd ever considered but it could make for a decent enough mini-bracket in the "GameFAQs Spring Contest" tradition. Thanks for making it happen SB!

Now that being said, as for seeding... 1993 vs 1994 and so forth would be awful, but I also wouldn't want to see a whole bracket of 1985 vs 2016, 1986 vs 2015 etc etc. Could we do something simple like taking the 5 most-owned games from each year (based on the My Games data) and seeding the entrants by their average GameFAQs user score? I'd think that would do a good job of putting a rough enough estimate on strengths to ensure the later rounds would be competitive and hard to predict.

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I hate to be a downer, but this contest idea does absolutely nothing for me.
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User Info: Surskit

1 day ago#118
y'all should start making predictions taking Birthday Factor into account tbh. so many people won't give a single crap what games are in there and just vote for their birth year.

1990-1996 will be strong. Birthday Factor + Nostalgia = $$$
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User Info: HaRRicH

1 day ago#119
That's why I think we need to watch out for 2009-rallies from 4chan.
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User Info: metaIslug

1 day ago#120
y'all should be making predictions on which match pics have Zelda. thats all the predictions you need
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