I forget vs I forgot

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User Info: NFUN

2 days ago#11
ClyTheCool posted...
Is forget incorrect, though?

Forgot is past tense. As in I forgot it yesterday. That isnt what in mean. I didn't forget it in the past. I'm forgetting it RIGHT NOW. Forgot seems wrong.

It isn't like you knew and could recall the information until the second you were asked. You were able to retrieve the information until some point in the past you weren't, regardless of whether or not you eventually remember again.
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User Info: ClyTheCool

2 days ago#12
I recall things and then forget it a few minutes later when I want to say it all the time.

It's a verb that's currently happening. I am in the act of forgetting!
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User Info: AdmiralZephyr

2 days ago#13
I forget if I cannot recall something.

I forgot if I neglected to do something.
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User Info: azuarc

2 days ago#14
If, at this present moment, I cannot recall someone's name, then I forget it. Or I have forgotten it. But never the past tense. That refers to an act of forgetfulness that took place previously. So maybe I'd say I forgot it after someone reminds me what it is, because now it is in the past...

Of course, if I'm writing it in the narrative of my novel, I'll use forgot, but that's because narrative is always (or should always be) told in past tense.
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User Info: SantaRPidgey

2 days ago#15
I forget his name

I have forgot his name

User Info: Xiahou Shake

Xiahou Shake
2 days ago#16
"I forgot. You ever forget? It happened to me."
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User Info: WhoopsyDaisy

2 days ago#17
I said for-fah-kwahs but only because for-zhay wasn't an option
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User Info: foolm0r0n

2 days ago#18
ClyTheCool posted...
It's a verb that's currently happening. I am in the act of forgetting!

Then why don't you say "I am forgetting his name"?

Because forgetting isn't a process. It's not cooking, or running, or whatever. Once you forget something, you already forgot it. There is no "act of forgetting".

I get your logic though. Like if a teacher asked why you didn't do your homework, you would never say "I forget to do it" right?
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User Info: HaRRicH

2 days ago#19
What about drinking to forget someone?

It also brings up the question of if forgetting must be completely and instantly done or if something can be more gradually forgotten.
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User Info: LeonhartFour

2 days ago#20
SantaRPidgey posted...
I forget his name

I have forgotten* his name
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