Mass Effect: Andromeda is out so let's talk about it, maybe.

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User Info: Murphiroth

1 day ago#21
I got thrown off by the viewscreen you can talk to right at the beginning because I'm pretty sure it's voiced by Legion's VA.

Moving on from that now!

Played a bit of multi before jumping into single player, got two uncommon classes off of my freebie packs.
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User Info: KokoroAkechi

1 day ago#22
I just played through chapter one. I thought it was great. The combat is fast and the voice acting is good. On top of of that teh game looks great and I can push decent frames at 4K.
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User Info: MrSmartGuy

1 day ago#23
So this video came up in my sub box, decided to check it out. Holy s***, how can they defend the two scenarios back-to-back in this?

There's the scene where he's trapped, and then the line delivery and animation for the next scene is just....... it has me speechless. I can't even believe that just happened in a $60 billion dollar game.
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User Info: ChaosTonyV4

1 day ago#24
I have it and want to play it so badly, but I'm behind on schoolwork and need to catch up before I can.

Hopefully tonight.
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User Info: Pirateking2000

22 hours ago#25
Anyone play more of it and can give some more views on the animation and such

saw some of those comparisons / scene examples and...hoo boy...

although SPOILERS

Miranda may have some competition for Dat Ass Queen because mah goodness Cora
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User Info: tcaz2

22 hours ago#26
I don't even really notice the animations anymore

Some scenes are worse than others. I would say its like a 70/30 split on decent-to-good written vs bad.

User Info: tabiicat42

22 hours ago#27
tabiicat42 posted...
I'm hyped as hell I don't even care I'm gonna play the crap out of this game

I take back my hype but I'm still going to play and beat this game

User Info: TheRock1525

22 hours ago#28
Too late I've had your hyped bronzed and made into a statue.
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User Info: iiicon

6 hours ago#29
I really like how the party comes together. There's some good people in there.

And ha, now I know how that crab walking animation came about - rapidly moving left and right while sprinting down stairs. it's the animation from one cancelling into the other
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User Info: ninkendo

6 hours ago#30
Listening to their talk on the bombcast was fun

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