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User Info: pjbasis

1 week ago#41
2003 was different times bro
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User Info: kevwaffles

1 week ago#42
People would have to admit to explain what FFX-2 is to complain about FFX-2. Most aren't willing to do that.
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User Info: foolm0r0n

1 week ago#43
Corrik posted...
Vanille though and I think she is 13

no way
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User Info: JonThePenguin

1 week ago#44
Vanille is 619 in FF13, according to the FF wiki at least.

User Info: Tom Bombadil

Tom Bombadil
1 week ago#45
lol, icon

wait wrong year sorry
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User Info: Raka_Putra

1 week ago#46
Tidus is old enough for me.
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User Info: Corrik

1 week ago#47
Cool Raka. Tidus is mentally ten years old
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User Info: Bhaas1107

1 week ago#48
pjbasis posted...
2003 was different times bro

Yeah, I guess.

User Info: Johnny Eagle

Johnny Eagle
1 week ago#49
kevwaffles posted...
People would have to admit to explain what FFX-2 is to complain about FFX-2. Most aren't willing to do that.

English, please?
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User Info: NeoElfboy

1 week ago#50
Corrik posted...
The hottest girl in Final Fantasy not named Rinoa or Tifa is Vanille though and I think she is 13.

She both looks and acts significantly older than Hope, who is 14. I don't see how you can possibly think this.
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