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User Info: Paratroopa1

6 days ago#261
Also no MMX for 1994 is f***ing screwy

User Info: LeonhartFour

6 days ago#262
The Simpsons actually got into the original Games Contest and got quadrupled by Mario World, for whatever that's worth.

User Info: mnkboy907

6 days ago#263
I like how 1991 has Final Fantasy IV and 1994 has Final Fantasy III.
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As a 1994 fanboy with MMX as my favorite game of that year, I'm now thinking 1994 might have actually won out. Yeah, it lost MMX, but 1991 lost an SNES pic, which may be a bigger deal.

I'm also more pessimistic about The Simpson's strength - I see that game, Lemmings, and perhaps Metroid II (though damn that pic is nice) as liabilities.

User Info: transience

6 days ago#265
I guess if SF2 is weak here, The Simpsons has to be a fraction of that.

User Info: LeonhartFour

6 days ago#266
Lemmings is definitely a liability. F-Zero is a pretty nice addition though because there are people who are crazy about that series. 1994 has liabilities in System Shock and Daytona USA, so those will balance out. I'm not convinced Killer Instinct is worth much either, especially with 1991 having SFII on the other side.

User Info: cloelea

6 days ago#267
Paratroopa1 posted...
Also no MMX for 1994 is f***ing screwy

Good more leverage for 91 to raise the ante

User Info: transience

6 days ago#268
as a fellow crazy -- F-Zero is not F-Zero GX, not at all. those may as well be two different franchises. and I like F-Zero SNES.

User Info: Paratroopa1

6 days ago#269
I think this'll mostly come down to SM/FF6 vs SMW/Sonic and I think 1994 wins that based on how strong Super Metroid has polled in recent years

User Info: lordjers

6 days ago#270
You know what would've been good for 1991?

Super Castle****in'vania IV

Can't take away something like Lemmings though, might be my favorite puzzle game of all time.

And hey what about Tecmo Super Bowl? Huge love for an old sports game.
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