Maria Ranks 100+ Fetishes, The Topic [RANKINGS]

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User Info: SovietOmega

1 week ago#131
AfroSquirrel posted...
I thought Quad Tear meant four Tears from Tales of the Abyss.

And on this day, a new fetish was born....
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User Info: MariaTaylor

1 week ago#132
29th Place.
Crossdressing, as nominated by kateee

This one has two split lines of logic. I will say every time I've done cross dressing and taken pictures in private it always makes me feel really good. Part of this is because I have total control over how I'm seen. I've sent them to people and I don't even always get good reactions. Sometimes I do though. But really it's not even about the reactions. I can look at the pictures and they make me feel good and that's pretty much all that matters.

When I've tried cross dressing and going out in public my experience was very different. I'm probably not the first person to ever think of this idea but I basically used halloween as an excuse to dress up and go out for the night. Honestly my friends all had pretty positive reactions to it. One of my female friends was actually complimenting my looks the entire time. But pretty much any strangers I met while out gave me weird looks and I can tell some people were clearly weirded out and didn't like it.

I think the issue was that I don't have that kind of personality where I made it seem like it was supposed to be a joke. If that was the case even the more bigoted people I met probably would have just laughed and thought it was funny even though I was secretly enjoying it. Rather it was a mix of me just being too comfortable, acting normal, and also the fact that I looked just good enough that I could probably almost pass. And the fact that I wasn't quite at that level made the people averse to the idea even more unhappy with what they were seeing. Anyway I don't even know if people's impressions were REALLY that negative or that's just the vibe I got and I was imagining it. I can say, for sure, this is one of the only times in my life where I felt like I had low self esteem and I felt very self conscious. I don't think I liked it very much at all. Sometimes in my head I think about how much I would like to go out in public while cross dressing again but I always think that I would probably just get stared at and it would make me upset.

Anyway despite that it's something I still like doing. I haven't done it in a while. I don't even consider it a fetish really, more just a form of expression. Either way I liked it enough to rank it pretty high up on here.
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User Info: MariaTaylor

1 week ago#133
oh yeah I had been meaning to do this but somehow missed it.


30. Dry Humping
29. Crossdressing

28-1 in no particular order (Randomized)

Fear Wetting (Snake5555...)
Embarrassed Nude Female (Tom)
Pantyhose (kateee)
Clothed Sex (KK)
Massage [Body on Body/Rubbing] (KK)
"Vanilla" (Jeff)
Archenemies As Lovers [Kismesis] (Drak)
Lipstick (Nameless)
Girls With Glasses (Nameless)
General Fat (Bane)
Abilities and Adaptations (Esuriat)
Redheads (crazygamer)
Feet (MWE)
The Girl Is Sucking Dick While Applying Make-Up (Rock)
Pregnant (Natwaf)
Twincest (Drak)
Ahegao (Mac)
Wonder Woman (scarlet)
Kemonomimi (paper)
Cosplay (Johnbobb)
Tall Girls (Anagram)
Hypnosis, Mind Control (redien)
Missionary For Procreation (Anagram)
[Thigh Comic] (Drak)
Horizontal Incest (KK)
French Maids (Anagram)
Facesitting (Johnbobb)
Big Asses (zea)

Feel free to make predictions or discuss. If anyone predicts the top tier with a high level of accuracy I will give you a prize. The prize is that WiggumFan267 will come to your house and scratch your butt. I have personally confirmed with him that he will do this.
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User Info: whoa

1 week ago#134
f*** you not including my Nominations, troll

User Info: MariaTaylor

1 week ago#135
28th Place.
French Maids, as nominated by Anagram

Anagram's second nomination to appear on the list. He's doing solid so far, with nothing in the 'bad' category and at least three entries in the top 30. Anyway I wasn't 100% sure if I'd count this as the 'french maid' style or refer to maids which are specifically French. Is that a thing? Are people specifically attracted to a maid just because she is from France? Probably not, but who knows.

It's not my favorite or anything but it's a pretty decent fetish outfit. I'm not really into the whole 'maid' ideal since it's more or less the opposite of my 'caregiver' fetish. But as a purely visual thing the outfit looks a bit sexy.

27th Place.
Cosplay, as nominated by Johnbobb

This is actually a very interestingly placed nomination on the list because you can check to see where other things are in relation to it. Cosplay itself just means dressing up so it can be used to describe a variety of outfits. I would say dressing up in the bedroom is not a major turn on for me or anything, but I suppose it depends on the circumstances.

There are some good cosplays, some bad cosplays, some sexy cosplays, and... well... some not so sexy ones. But hey, that's okay too. I think for a lot of people they enjoy dressing up and if they are having fun then I guess that is cool. Anyway, the idea of cosplay is hotter to me than specifically the french maid outfit itself. There is a specific cosplay which will appear higher on the list. Meaning that I find that outfit hotter than the general idea of cosplay. Glad this one was nominated since it was cool figuring out that kind of ranking hierarchy.

And with that

EDIT: Correct, Johnbobb is not out yet
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(edited 1 week ago)

User Info: SovietOmega

1 week ago#136
One could make an argument that taking care of a person's stuff is just a step removed from taking care of the person itself. Still, a maid of any stripe carries connotations of subservience, with the french style leaning heavier on the illicit side of things than most. I used to like it more than I do now, but I'd say just in the top 30 is a fine spot for it.
There is no shame in not knowing; the shame lies in not finding out

User Info: Anagram

1 week ago#137
I should confirm that I did mean French main uniforms, possibly with French accents.
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Started: July 6, 2005

User Info: Gatarix

1 week ago#138
French accents are a turnoff imo
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[Thigh Comic]?
does anyone even read this

User Info: Gatarix

1 week ago#140

on an unrelated note, I found this in my imgur.txt from a couple years ago labeled "for maria"

not exactly sure why, but here
You put your RESOLVE HAT back on, which conveniently is the same hat as your NORMAL HAT.
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