Maria Ranks 100+ Fetishes, The Topic [RANKINGS]

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Tall Girls
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User Info: MrSmartGuy

1 week ago#172
It's all a trick and they're actually in the order you posted:
5. Big Asses (zea)
4. Hypnosis, Mind Control (redien)
3, Kemonomimi (paper)
2. Massage [Body on Body/Rubbing] (KK)
1. Redheads (crazygamer)
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User Info: Raka_Putra

1 week ago#173
I don't really like body suits, they look horribly uncomfortable both to wear and touch.

Horizontal Incest (KK)
"Vanilla" (Jeff)
Big Asses (zea)
Kemonomimi (paper)
Massage [Body on Body/Rubbing] (KK)
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User Info: MariaTaylor

1 week ago#174
Late Entry.
Eyepatch, nominated by kateee

This is another late entry that might have easily made the Top 20 if it had been submitted on time. I figure I'll go ahead and give people more time to predict the Top 5 by doing one of these rather than revealing the next numbered entry. The eyepatch is a great accessory that can often be used to make a character more attractive. There are different versions of it like the medical "white" eyepatch which is usually more cute style, sometimes creepy, or the practical "black" eyepatch often seen on pirates or other cool style characters.

Late Entry.
Pointy Ears, as nominated by Shaduln

Shad's nom, and another good one among the late noms. I mentioned a few times that Elves are solid but this is even better because it includes a few other races. This trait is like... always good. I don't know why but the aesthetic of adding pointy ears to a character just makes them look better. With pointy ears you get not just elves but depending on the source material can include demons, devils, orcs and half-orcs, different types of youkai (the non-kemonomimi type), and I dunno probably a bunch of other things. This trait is not to be underrated!
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User Info: kateee

1 week ago#175
KOF XIV still sucks because of no eyepatch on Mature

User Info: kateee

1 week ago#176



minor annoyance for me that for juri and baiken only their new designs have them with eyepatches but they also have something i hate like how baiken's boobs seem stupidly overpronounced so the fanart follows suit and juri has what seems to me like an overly fetishistic outfit

User Info: GranzonEx

6 days ago#177
mystery bumpo
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User Info: MariaTaylor

6 days ago#178
[Star Wars Tier]

I like this and I like basically everything to do with this. Yes, even the less good representations.

20th Place.
The Girl Is Sucking Dick While Applying Make Up, as nominated by Rock1525

Blowjob is pretty good. The applying make up thing is a nice little weird fetish spin on it. Make up in general did not get nominated so it got a bit of representation here. For obvious reasons I can't share pics of this one. I'm surprised something niche and probably inefficient like this would creep into the top 20, despite being so specific, but yeah... that's probably also the reason why it would struggle to place much higher than it did.

19th Place.
Redheads, as nominated by crazygamer

A great natural hair color and one that works pretty well even if dyed for most people. This is one of the fetishes that I think actually works a lot better in reality than fantasy. Anime redhead characters tend to not look that great, or just look okay, but real life redheads can be so, so good. And the fact that it's attributed to the red hair itself is not overlooked. Ultimately though we've reached a section of the list with a lot of things that are like... yeah they are nice to look at. Red hair isn't really a fantasy. I dunno. Either way it's still really good. Funny to see a few people predict this in the top 5 but it might be because I mentioned liking redheads in an earlier post as well as in chat a couple of times.
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User Info: NFUN

6 days ago#179
I have a very long history with that photo.
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User Info: Johnbobb

6 days ago#180
Redheads too low imo
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