Best Year in Gaming contest winners!

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User Info: SBAllen

1 month ago#1

Congrats to all of the winners! In particular, that 8th place guy did a pretty great job!

We've added badges for those who participated in the contest. The levels are as follows:
1: Awarded to users who entered a bracket
2: Awarded to users who finished in the Top 1000
3: Awarded to users who finished in the Top 100
4: Awarded to users who finished in the Top 10
5: Awarded to users who finished with the top score of 83

We've also given out karma to those who did well in the contest. Anyone who finished above the median score of 40 earned 50 karma and anyone in the top 100 overall received 100 karma.
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User Info: DoomTheGyarados

1 month ago#2
tennisboy213 a true hero.
Sir Chris
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User Info: Janus5k

1 month ago#3
11th place

"Those who cast the vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything."

User Info: Anagram

1 month ago#4
Oh man, I did terribly this contest.
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User Info: Mac Arrowny

Mac Arrowny
1 month ago#5
Awesome! Now we'll just have to figure out how the prize works in Canada...
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User Info: Emeraldegg

1 month ago#6
I bet you're happy not to have JDTAY on this list Allen
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User Info: Xuxon

1 month ago#7
shoot, i would have gotten a prize if i hadn't thrown away my bracket on 2016
Grats to BKSheikah, a guru ahead of his time.

User Info: tennisboy213

1 month ago#8
DoomTheGyarados posted...
tennisboy213 a true hero.

thanks friend
BK_Sheikah00, guru winner, says hi

User Info: transcience

1 month ago#9
d'aww, poor luster
add the c and back away

User Info: paulg235

1 month ago#10
So when are we getting the real contest, Allen?
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