Best Year in Gaming contest winners!

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User Info: PerseusRad

1 month ago#41
It'd be nice to see your placement if you aren't top 50, or even your points, but I guess I shoulda been paying more attention.
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User Info: OliviaTremor

1 month ago#42
Oh yeah 34th place. Could have been like 12 places higher if my tiebreaker answer wasn't 1,600,000 baby. Best tiebreaker answer ever. I've gotten a 0 bracket and quite possibly the worst tiebreaker answer ever.
Have no idea what my score was. Got the winner but missed a finalist so probably not high enough for top 100.

User Info: LusterSoldier

1 month ago#44
HaRRicH posted...
Intentionally or accidentally?

Intentionally. This isn't comparable to the Palmer situation in 2010 where it was by accident.
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User Info: ZeroSignal620

1 month ago#45
5th place! Woooo!
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User Info: Emulator

1 month ago#46
I had many correct picks but still i got 0 points in my bracket without any reason. 0 Karma. Why? @SBAllen

Sad :(
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User Info: ff6man

1 month ago#47
Yay 100 Karma!
Congrats to BKSheikah, 2017 guru champ.
There was a contest?
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User Info: metaIslug

1 month ago#49
huh. thats weird. it says there I entered the contest. but i dont remember any contest at all

User Info: SeabassDebeste

1 month ago#50
Nanis23 posted...
Oh wait..yours was a fun entry? what a shame

hmm, now that i think about it, i bought a switch just a week ago, could have used that money!

but even without money being at stake, being at the top of the leaderboard makes following a contest - even a super predictable one - much more interesting
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