Best Year in Gaming contest winners!

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User Info: WhoopsyDaisy

1 month ago#51
I just realized there are avatars now
"I feel like you can't be a real person" - OmarsComin

User Info: SBAllen

1 month ago#52
Just paid everyone. 2 lucky winners got a Happy Father's Day themed ecard instead of the regular A one because Amazon randomly changed the image for no reason in the middle and I didn't notice right away. So... Happy Father's Day I guess?
"Um, let's face it, you'd be better off staying at the Hilton." |

User Info: Agent M

Agent M
1 month ago#53
Awesome. Thanks!

Although I was wondering, since it is a gift card, if I am supposed to enter it on income tax? It can't be redeemed for normal cash, so I'm guessing it doesn't really apply.

User Info: ZeroSignal620

1 month ago#54
Sweet, got mine a few days ago!

Formerly known as Raven 2, currently losing to BKSheikah

User Info: Grand Kirby

Grand Kirby
1 month ago#55
These were sent to our emails right? I thought there were PMs too?
Okay, I rolled a 14. What's that mean? Hsu
That you're a cheater. This is a 12-sided die. Chan

User Info: metaIslug

4 weeks ago#56
I was just wondering, can I get some money too? I didnt win anything, but

User Info: TsunamiXXVIII

3 weeks ago#57
TheKnightOfNee posted...
Whoa, the site has badges now?

My thoughts exactly.

HaRRicH posted...
Thanks GoldSlime -- I had a hard time finding my badges until I got desktop-access. Level 3!

Ah, that explains why I can't see mine atm.
"Someday I'll catch up, and then you'll all be surprised!"
BKSheikah has the power. He is the one.
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