Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Topic 32 - Ashes to Ashes

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User Info: The Mana Sword

The Mana Sword
5 days ago#241
Well the Nier event is a raid, but Adam is the only unit that is obtained from the raid summon. There is also an accompanying rare summon banner that has 2B, 9S and 21O.

We don't know where A2 and Eve will end up, but I suspect A2 will be on the rare banner and Eve will join Adam in the raid summon.

User Info: Fiyun

5 days ago#242
I still bank on they will pull double crystals for either 3/4 or 4/5...
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User Info: voltch

5 days ago#243
I just hope no dual 5*s on the banner to reduce 2B chances.
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User Info: ChaosTonyV4

5 days ago#244
Considering I've pulled ZERO 4* banner units from the XII banner after 40+ draws, I'm scared.
Phantom Dust.

User Info: The Mana Sword

The Mana Sword
5 days ago#245
FFBE wiki has A2 listed as a 4* at the moment, but I have no idea where they got that from, so I assume it's just a placeholder.

Double 5* would be pretty mean. I think we've only had that once on global, with Demon Rain/Dracu Lasswell, so I'm hoping Gumi will spare us.

Edit: Oh, I guess we just had it on Brave Frontier too, so who knows.
(edited 5 days ago)
(message deleted)
voltch posted...
Up to 96 tickets.

8k Lapis + 10+1 ticket if I keep logging every day.

Target is to get at least 130 shots at 2B's booty.

Going against me is Gilgamesh from Grand Order and Zargabaath from Exvius both falling into my lap recently. I'm a firm believer in luck rationing.

Yeah, I have a Waver and Heracles FGO account and haven't pulled anything good since. Here I got Orlandeau and Fryevia within a week of each other and nothing all that impressive since except a Rikku I had to burn about 40 tickets for. If I remain unlucky long enough, I might score both 2B and A2 ;).

User Info: Horith

5 days ago#248
I've been terrible at rationing tickets, but I guess I can at least save the 10+1 and the few Rare tickets I have for Nier. Dunno that I really need anything since I hear most of the reasons to go for them is TMRs, and I've got plenty to work on as is, and my current team is almost all the best units in their slots for the meta as is. Blargh, ran into this with PAD too, where I had all the cool stuff (though not quite whale level), and after a while there wasn't anything fun left to pull for.
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User Info: Shadow Dino

Shadow Dino
5 days ago#249
This game has taken all of my luck. First it was Orlandeau, then the first try pulls on Rikku and Ashe. Might be turning around in FGO though, as I've got Herc, Lancelot, and Martha. (Took Emiya for the free 4*)
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User Info: Horith

5 days ago#250
I finally pulled of a perfect Quick Hit chain...on a random mook enemy. But still, it was damn satisfying to see that number climb all the way up.
NNID/PSN: Servillo
3DS: 0688-6472-7893
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