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    3) Glitch City (Or "We ain't in Kansas no more...")
    This is a very simple thing to do, and newly added for the "25 things"/"New User" series of topics. Simply put, it involves a Safari Zone glitch. Here's how to do it.
    1. Pay to enter the Safari Zone and save as soon as you go in.
    2. Reset the game and leave the Safari one. The clerk will ask you, despite the door you just came through, if you want to enter. Say no.
    3. Exit through the bottom and head to any route. After the Safari Zone time would've originally ran out (500 steps), you'll hear the PA.
    4. You'll be transported back the the Safari Zone entrance. Head out the bottom. exit.
    5. Congratulations - Assumming you weren't in a town when the PA went, you'll be in Glitch City. It changes by the location you were in on the PA announcment. There is one town that has a Glitch City (I can't remember which) - the rest simply just exit you from the Safari Zone at the relevant Pokemon Centres.

    4) DVs, IVs and Pokemon Genes (Or "Selective breeding")
    All these things are the same. They're most commonly called DVs here though.
    What they actually are, is in every stat, there's a value from 0 to 15 determining how strong that pokemon is for its type. 0 is the weakest, while 15 is the strongest. A pokemon with a 15 in every stat is known as a Maxgene pokemon.
    There is an excellent description on Phil Erwin's site. The link is given 2 sections down. It also has two excellent programs that can help rate your team (but is no subsitute for a human rating), and tell you exactly what your pokemon's DVs are. It's definitely worth looking at.

    5) Vitamins & Stat Experience (Or "Nintendo authorised Drug Abuse")
    First of all, I'll describe Stat Experience (Note : In Ruby/Sapphire, this is closely related to EV's), since it's pretty important. It's "hidden" experience you get from pokemon battles, based on the enemy pokemon's "Base Stats". Because Stat Exp. is based on the Base Stats, the enemy's level doesn't matter. You get the same Stat Exp for fighting 10 level 2 pidgeys as you would fighting 10 level 30 pidgeys.
    It starts out at zero (when you first catch the pokemon or get it from an in-game trade), and increases as you battle with it. If you level it up with a Rare Candy, then no Stat Experience will have been earned for that level (Assuming it's not battled since it last levelled up)
    Stat experience itself also determines how tough your pokemon is (Determined also by it's DVs) This will Max out at about 65,000 (Although your pokemon's Stats won't increase after about 63,000)

    Vitamins boost your pokemon's Stat experience for that particular stat by around 2,500, going up to a maximum of 25,000 (10 vitamins). If your pokemon's already got 2,500+ experience, then you won't be able to use as many Vitamins. For this reason, it's best to feed your pokemon them BEFORE you start training it, as this gives your pokemon a head start. Of course, after the vitamins, it still needs to earn 40,000 Stat experience points to max out.
    Again, there's an excellent description at Phil's website.