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    6) The Box Trick (Or "101 uses for a cardboard Box")
    There's been some confusion as to the Box Trick in the past, so I'll describe it here. It simply utilises a part of the code in the game that calculates the Pokemon's stats.

    Normally the game calculates the Pokemon Stats when a pokemon levels up. When it does this, it checks the level, Experience, DVs, and Stat Experience, then changes the stats to what they should be.

    However, there are 2 other times that the game does this. When you take a pokemon out of the PC box, and when you take it out from the Day-care centre. If you want to train up a level 100 squad-buster, then use the PC box. If you want to train only up to a certain level (for example if you're training for a Pokemon Stadium cup), then use the Day Care Centre, as that resets the Experience (but nothing else) to the minimum for that level.

    All you have to do is battle loads of times, deposit the Pokemon in the location of your choice (normally the PC box), then place it back into your party. If your pokemon's gained enough stat experience, you'll see an increase in one or more stats.

    7) Missingno (or "DIE GAME DIE!!!!!")
    Encountering Missingno is known to glitch the game, and I personally have lost a cartridge to it. Use it if you want but I will take NO responsibility for loss of data - You have been warned.

    To encounter Missingno, the simplest way is to talk to the "coffee" guy to the north of Viridian City in Red/Blue/Green ONLY, and let him show you how to catch a common Weedle. Fly or Teleport directly to Cinnabar island and surf on the right hand coast.

    Depending on your name (See the strategy guide by R. Jones for full details), you will encounter pokemon and some of these may well be Missingno or 'M'.

    These 2 will scramble your pokemon League Hall of Fame and will add 127 to the 6th item if it's below 127 (which it WILL be unless you've already done it). This fact allows you to get near infinite Rare Candies/PP Ups/TMs (or any item).

    I suspect that Missingno scrambles other data due to personal experience, so the choice of risking it is up to you.

    8) The SS Anne Truck (Or "Sorry, no vehicle rental for you.")
    There are many rumours based around this truck. However, the game has been hacked several times, and the truck is simply a background tile, which can move as much as a cave wall. Any rumours you hear about this are all false.

    To see the truck, you simply need to trade a pokemon that knows cut to your party from another pokemon game, and not board the SS Anne (or at least, don't speak to the captain). Surf to the right (You'll need to beat Koga before you can surf), and you'll see the truck on the land there.

    You can also do it by using another glitch AFTER the SS Anne's sailed. Go to one square up to the left of the sailor that stops you going to the screen where the SS Anne is. Start to walk right and bring up the menu WHILE you're moving. Save and reset the game. Reload then SURF. Despite facing Right, you'll surf down on top of the sailor. Simply press down to visit the SS Anne once more.