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    9) Stone evolving without stones (Or "Losing the Rat")
    If you don’t want to fork out the money for a stone to evolve your stone evolving pokemon put the following in the second position in the line-up for the respective type of evolution stone you want:
    Leaf stone - Psyduck
    Fire stone - MissingNo.
    Water stone - Onix
    Thunder stone - Growlithe
    Moon stone = Exeggutor

    10) Getting the 3 starters (Or "Yellow Specifics 2.)
    OK, these are simple enough.
    1. Charmander - Simply speak to the trainer to the northwest of Nugget Bridge.
    2. Bulbasaur - For this one, you need to keep your Pika happy. If in doubt, keep using potions. Even if the "won't have any effect" the Pika'll get happier. Alternatively, you could just defeat the elite 4 to get the Pika so happy it'll be jumping for joy (I hope that's what it's doing...). When the little thing looks happy enough, go speak to the girl in Cerulean City.
    3. Squirtle - The Police Officer to the northeast of Lt. Surge's gym will give you Squirtle if you defeat Lt Surge.

    11) Dead Batteries
    One of the increasingly common problems posted here is dead batteries. My personal recommendation is to see about getting the batteries replaced by Nintendo (See your most recent game manual for details on contacting them)

    Of course, you could also try to do it yourself, if you have soldering skills, and a screwdriver to fit the screw in the back of the game. (NOTE : I will take NO resposibility for burnt fingers, ruined games/tables/carpets/any other object if you choose to do this).

    The third option is to get somebody you know with the right skills and equipment to do it for you.