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    12) Common terms & Acronyms (Or "The Dictionary")
    I have listed most of the common terms here in alphabetical order. Some of these have been taken from the Crystal Board's "43 questions always asked" topic for completeness.

    ???? Ban - Where the thing that is named is banned. Usually evasion and 00bers.
    ???? Clause - Where you are limited to one of a thing, such as an Alakazam, Pokemon sleeping, or Freezing.
    00ber - Comes from the German word "über", meaning all-powerful. It means pokemon such as Mewtwo or Mew. These are almost always banned from online matches.
    1337 - Online slang term for "Elite" or "Leet"
    Amnesialax - A Snorlax that knows Amnesia
    Bots - A reference to the programs on IRC that allow online Pokemon battling.
    BS - Body Slam
    Curslax - Doesn't exist in R/B/Y, but I mentioned it because I mention it here. Simply, it's a Snorlax with Curse, Rest, and 2 Physical attacks - normally Body Slam and Earthquake.
    Double ups - A moveset where two or more attacks are of the same type. These are rarely a useful idea, as you want to cover as many types as possible with only 4 moves.
    IB - Ice Beam
    IRC - The place where the most experienced online Pokemon battlers fight.
    EQ - Earthquake
    FT - Flamethrower
    G/S/C - Short for "Gold / Silver / Crystal"
    Growtheon - A Flareon/ Jolteon/ Vaporeon with the move Growth (only available from NYPC, or in online battle simulators.) This is classed as a Tradeback.
    Hazer - A pokemon that uses Haze to cancel out stat changes. In pure R/B/Y you'll only see these in UU battles due to their low stats.
    LK - Low Kick / Lovely Kiss (Personally I keep getting the 2 mixed up due to never using Jynx)
    LS - Leech Seed / Light Screen
    LTU - Long Term user. Anyone who's been here regularly for longer than 6 months and is generally respected.
    NB - Net Battle - currently the most common Battle system.
    PBS - Pokemon Battle System. Usually refers to web-based ones rather than IRC or Netbattle.
    Pseudohazer - A pokemon that forces switching. In R/B/Y a Toxic user is an example, as the opponent usually switches out to negate the effect of Toxic to that of normal poison. In later games other moves do the job far better.
    R/B/Y - Short for "Red / Blue / Yellow"
    Regular - A regular user who's generally (but not always) respected by all.
    RMT - Short for "Rate My Team"
    RS - Rock Slide
    SD - Sword's Dance
    STAB - Same Type Attack Bonus. Simply put, this is a 50% bonus the power of the move gets for the pokemon having the same type.
    TB - Thunderbolt
    TobyBro - A Slowbro that knows Thunder Wave and was specifically designed to counter mewtwo.
    ToS - The rules you agreed to when you first agreed to use these Message boards. Break them and beware...
    Tradeback - A pokemon that knows a R/B/Y move that it is only able to learn in the later games. An example of this is an Alakazam with Ice Punch.
    TW - Thunder Wave

    13) Bold & Italics (Or "Fancy writing here we come!!!")
    There's no need to ask, as it's mentioned on the site's help pages, but they're listed here for completeness. Simply remove the space after the "<" symbol.

    < b> This text will be Bold < /b>
    < i> This will be in italics < /i>

    14) FAQs (Or "Read The Friendly Manual")
    The site&#8217;s called GameFAQs for a reason, y&#8217;know. Always check a FAQ if you have any game questions. If it's not in the guide by 'R Jones' (AKA - Jolt on the boards), then it's probably non-existent or isn't worth thinking about - just don't expect an indepth game walkthrough. Don't forget that some of us are willing to answer serious "ingame" questions, but don't be surprised if your question is ambushed by a couple of the more online-battling oriented regulars.