25 things ALL users should know & Help forum

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    15) How to- Topic Search (Or "Keep digging, Watson!")
    There are many topics here on the message board, try looking there for your answers instead of filling the board with needless topics. If there is more than one page, you may choose to use the SEARCH topics feature located near your username (User level must be at least level 30). Also, you can try changing your display settings (click on your username above topic list) to show more topics/posts per page. And if you can’t find an answer, at least put all your questions in one topic.

    16) The difference between n00bs and newbies (Or "Newcomers Vs Annoyers")
    A Newbie is somebody who is simply new to the board, willing to learn, and respects the other users. Everybody was one at one time.

    A n00b, on the other hand, normally goes out of his way to annoy people, posts fake stuff, and has no respect for anyone. They also normally have bad spelling, and claim to know everything.

    17) Don't boast about your abilities (Or "Engage brain before mouth")
    Such as being able to beat anybody in your town, or how many level 100 creatures you have. The odds are the competition you've had is nothing compared to online competition. Stick around, battle online, and get respect that way instead.

    18) Be careful when helping others (Or "keeping things right")
    Please make sure that your information is accurate. If you're not 100% sure, then say so. Also, don't try rating pokemon unless you know that a moveset works, but never recommend "Double up" movesets. I'd suggest sticking around for a few months helping people in their own topics before making your own "Help Centre", so that the LTUs know your advice is consistently good.

    19) Team Ratings (Or "Does this work at all?")
    Although there is now a distinct lack of "Rating Centres", you'll always find people willing to help with "RMT" topics. We would appreciate it if as many of these questions were kept to the same topic as possible though. If there's a "RMT" topic on the first 20 or so posts, then do try to use it if possible.

    20) Flame Wars (Or "Where's that Asbestos suit?")
    Never get involved in someone else's Flame War. You'll merely make yourself a target for other people. Also, please don't feed the trolls - They'll often bite the hand that feeds them.

    21) This isn't G/S/C... (Or "Golden Oldies")
    We would appreciate it if people kept stuff about Curslax & Groudon (or anything from the later games) to the relevant boards. The only things that will be tolerated is discussions about tradebacks. (Pokemon with moves they couldn't normally learn in R/B/Y but still existed - such as Amnesia Nidoking) Mentions of things that did not exist in the first 3 games will not be tolerated by most of the users on the "Classic" boards.

    22) Online Battling (Or "Butt-kicking time!")
    Another question that gets asked pretty often is how we battle online. There's a couple of ways. Here's the links to the battle systems that we use.

    Net Battle - http://www.tvsian.com/netbattle/ - This program now has full R/B/Y support It's become the most popular battle system here. IRC is the choice of the veterans though.
    IRC - You simply need an IRC program to access this. Try www.mirc.com to get one.

    Go to #rbystadium or #purelimit, on the server irc.your-irc.net.