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    23) The online battle rules. (or "Play nice folks")

    1. Netbattle is currently the most active battle System. Some moves may be glitched. Check on the Netbattle message boards for the full list.

    2. Unwritten rules of online battling include not using evasion boosters or Tradebacks. If you want to use Tradebacks however, agree it with your opponent in advance. Evasion is only allowed in a limited degree in "randbats" or "Challenge Cup" where you have no choice over the Pokemon or movesets, but still frowned on even then.

    3. Avoid using Mewtwo & Mew. Most people will simply leave the match as these two unbalance the entire game through sheer power. Those who don't leave usually know EXACTLY how to take them down, so watch out if you use them. Many Netbattle servers will not allow you on if you use them.

    4. In a tournament, follow the rules or you WILL be disqualified.

    24) Some Basic Online Battle Tactics (Or "Something to Start with")

    This section is designed to give some basic pointers on battling, although they could all be learned simply through experience. I've also included 3 Pokemon as examples - I could do more, but the best way to learn what works is to do your own pokemon squads rather than simply copy what's here.

    Tip 1. Try to include as much variety in your squad as possible Having more than 2 Pokemon weak against any other particular type (ESPECIALLY Ice or Electric) is asking for your squad to be pounded by that type of move. Risk it if it fits your tactics, or the type isn't common anyway, like Poison or Bug.

    Tip 2. On each Pokemon, put on a variety of moves. Putting, say, Body Slam and Cut on the same Pokemon is virtually pointless. However, moves that produce a Stat Change (like Sleep or Paralysis) are good to include, even if there's another move of that type.

    Tip 3. Know your Type Matchups and Pokemon Stats. For example, don't even try using a Normal move on a ghost Pokemon, and please don't even dream of putting any normal attack other than Counter on Chansey - It's attack stat is so low, it almost seems to have a negative value at times.

    Tip 4. Here I'll list 3 Pokemon that could typically be used in battle, along with the theory for battling. Yes, LTUs will recognise my "Powerdrill" moveset.

    Beedrill - AKA Powerdrill
    Hyper Beam
    Swords Dance

    Technique : Switch in when you predict the opponent is going to use REST. Use increase Beedrill's speed with Agility. If they leave the Pokemon in, use a Sword's Dance to power up while the Pokemon still sleeps. On the next move, use Twineedle or Hyper Beam, depending on if the opponent's pokemon is weak to Bug moves or not. Keep attacking till it faints. In other words - hit fast, hit hard.

    Downside : Needs to power up before it'll work well, and will die from a single STAB Psychic from all but one Pokemon...

    Golem - AKA Standard Golem
    Body Slam
    Rock Slide

    Technique : Keep hitting hard with whichever move should do the most damage, and when it looks bad, go BOOM to do major damage to the opponent, hopefully killing one of their special attackers.

    Downside : Insanely weak against grass, water, and Ice Moves. Ground Moves also do a lot of damage against it. Besides, Golem is expected to Explode eventually, so if you're gonna go boom, do it before they can switch to a Gengar.