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    Alakazam - AKA Standard Alakazam
    Thunder Wave

    Technique : Reflect bolsters 'kazam's weak defence, T-Wave paralyses all but ground types, and Psychic hits your opponent. Recover if you need health, and continue on battling.

    Downside : Weak defence, and only one attacking move, meaning low versatality against different types. Still, there's not really any Pokemon strong against Psychic.

    25) The best resources (Or "The Magazine rack")
    Apart from the GameFAQs Message boards, there are several places you can look for information. They are;

    The FAQ by R. Jones (Also known on the board as Jolt) - Just don't expect an in-depth walkthrough, but there's almost everything else imaginable included.
    Azure Heights - http://www.math.miami.edu/~jam/azure/ - One of the best resources of information for R/B/Y on the internet.
    Phil Erwin's Site - www.geocities.com/thelegendarydogs/ - G/S/C oriented, but an excellent source of information, as well as two great tools.
    Jolt's PKUtility - http://www.geocities.com/sadisticmystic1/pkutility.zip - Requires Microsoft Excel or a 100% compatible spreadsheet to run, but an excellent utility.
    Gameshark Code Fan Club - Their current topic is on the Pokemon Crystal board, but they'll cover your code requests for any pokemon game.
    Meowth's site: http://user.yagb.de/meowth346/ - good Ru/Sa info and online calculators
    My personal Site - www.uk.geocities.com/gunbladelad77/ - For simplicity, I've collected Phil's 2 excellent programs (with the latest RMT moves update), and Jolt's invaluable "PKUtility" into one Winzip file. Otherwise it's only worth looking at for a couple of Playstation-specific game guides which are also on GameFAQs...
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