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User Info: Kamon137

12 years ago#81
Thank you, TheGrayPlague, and I have another question. What level does Mew attack you at? I believe it was a level 7 or 9.
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User Info: Rossmacdaddy

12 years ago#82
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: asakura_m2S1999

12 years ago#83
Some people have reported higher levels, iirc. However the common level is 7, which is almost all the time. Tests have yet to be done to discover how higher levels can be achieved.
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User Info: Kamon137

12 years ago#84
I successfully caught myself two Mews, and tried to connect to Pokémon Stadium. However, what I found was that when connecting to Pokémon Stadium, it said my game had no saved data. After a few more tries, I finally took out the game pak and tried it on my Gameboy Advance, to find it was indeed ereased. Was this because of Mew, or was it just because the thing, whatever it's called, that you put the game pak in.. was a piece of crap?
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User Info: SuperYoshi

12 years ago#85
Depending on your name (See the strategy guide by R. Jones for full details), you will encounter pokemon and some of these may well be Missingno or 'M'.
Wow, you learn something new every day. I remember in my Blue Version, I'd usually only get Haunter or Missingno. I remember thinking it was different for every cartridge, too, heh. I guess having MATT triggers Haunters or something.
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User Info: Gunbladelad

12 years ago#87
Sorry about my absence folks. I'm once again without a regular net connection - I'm currently down at a local shop with BB access (so I'm downloading some "Retro gaming radio" MP3s as I post).

Nice to see that things are still keeping going in my absence.

Personally, I think "The mew Glitch" is short and catchy, but each person can call it what they like. For me though, it'll be "The Beedrill Glitch"...
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User Info: S_Chucks

12 years ago#88
just wanna confirm that, the mew glitch DOES in fact work :D

User Info: schroodle

12 years ago#89
Could you be a little more descriptive about what you have to do for the Ditto glitch? I'm at the point where I've done the Teleport trick, then gone to Fuchsia and encountered a Ditto on Route 15. After I kill it or run or whatever, my buttons still don't work, and it didn't seem clear as to what I needed to do next. Thanks.
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User Info: schroodle

12 years ago#90
Also, the glitch city info is wrong. You have to exit and re-enter twice for the glitch to work.
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