how do i fly on pokemon blue?

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User Info: liam648

9 years ago#1
hi ive still got the game and i was woundering how do i fly in pokemon blue.. ive got the badge and flying pokemon so how do i fly?

User Info: PIKA740

9 years ago#2
If at first you don't succeed, reset the game. - OmGiAmNoOb

User Info: KomodoTheNinja

9 years ago#3
This board should just be scrapped.
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User Info: Setrack

9 years ago#4
you gotta press b
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User Info: Hero of time1290

Hero of time1290
9 years ago#5
Hook up a jet pack to it?
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User Info: LtZim

9 years ago#6
Alright here is how you do it.

1. Go to Vermilion City. Buy 4 potions, and a Pokeball.

2. Get on your Bike (Important!) and ride it up to the Underground tunnel, and then follow it to Cerulean City.

3. Cut down the tree in the south of Cerulean, and talk to the Slowbro that wont listen to the girl.

4. Now exit the town to the right

5. Beat all the trainers, if you havent already, and go through the Rock Tunnel.

5. Come out at Lavendar town and Heal up.

6. Go East and take the Underground tunnel to Cleadon

7. Go all the way to the East, in front of the sleeping Snorlax (Or stop in front of building, if you already caught him)

8. Save your game, and throw 2 Potions, while facing West (this can be hard to do if you are up against the side of the building)

9. Save your game and turn it off. Count to 10. (This is to make sure all the temporary data is cleared so the next step works)

10. Go check the FAQs.

User Info: ultravaidd

9 years ago#7
*reads first post*

You have got to be kidding me...
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User Info: PIKA740

9 years ago#8
How old are you?
If at first you don't succeed, reset the game. - OmGiAmNoOb

User Info: Bong_Bong

9 years ago#9
the fly hm is located in west celedon. look for the bush that can be cut and travel until you find the house.
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User Info: loadedusb11

9 years ago#10
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