how do i fly on pokemon blue?

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User Info: Pirate_Roberts

9 years ago#11
Hey, Liam Neeson was a Jedi and a Batman villain. Don't be hating on him.
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User Info: davedogg6668

9 years ago#12

Booted up an HM! It contained FLY! Teach FLY to a pokemon?



You need to get the screen to look like this and then press 'A.'

User Info: Kalavinka

9 years ago#13
11/5/2007 - L-Block Day

User Info: Crow_Navicraftr

9 years ago#14
You'll need a lv 100 Seaking.

... There You've just surpassed the need to fly.
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User Info: Chris_Kirby

9 years ago#15
you need to stick about 100 pounds of high x-plosives under it's tail and detonate them all at the same time
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User Info: HWMWD

9 years ago#16
Wow, look at all the funny kids!
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  3. how do i fly on pokemon blue?

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