Sould I get into pokemon games?

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User Info: genstar2

9 years ago#1
Ok, heres the story. I'm 15 years old, soon to turn 16. when I was in first and second grades, pokemon was and the hight of it's popularity. I loved the show, watch the movies, bought the cards, etc. However, I never really got into the games. This was more than likely because I didn't own a gameboy at the time. nearly a decade later, I was talking to my friend about Super smash bros. brawl. we talked about which characters were probably returning from melee, and which one's probably weren't. Then we got to talking about mewtwo, which lead to a talk about the pokemon games, which lead to him finding out I never really played any of them or had any interest. He was very supprised by this. He said that out of all 70 of his friends, 7 of them had never played any of the games, and 4 of those seven were from other countries. After this, I started to have pokemon on the brain, a lot. Now I'm starting to consider playing some of these games (hey, better late than never, right?). I'm a pretty big rpg fan. I'm not as into pokemon as I used to be though, so I'm not sure. What do you guys think. Sould I go for it? and if so, which of the games should I start with? I would like some if your imput

User Info: gjdsj

9 years ago#2
You can start with any of them just as easily. The games don't have connected storylines. There really isn't much story at all, really. I would say play Red or Blue first, since they're the originals.
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User Info: davedogg6668

9 years ago#3
I would say go for it, if you can easily. My advice is to start with Blue or Red, as they are the originals and my personal favorites. It doesn't matter that you aren't into Pokemon as much now; the games themselves are very entertaining. Give it a go, I think you'll be pleased.

User Info: shiningstone

9 years ago#4
Is there a point to this topic? I see none.
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User Info: Sir_Fishtopher

9 years ago#5
Yeah, definitely. In my opinion the greatest game of all time (proportionally to innovation at the time of course). Go to a used game store and get a gameboy of some sort and a red or blue cart. At most it will cost you like 30 dollars. Then you can move your way up the generations, prepare for disappointment when you hit ruby and sapphire, though. Not the greatest in the series. Diamond and Pearl more than made up for it, though.
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User Info: Shayx

9 years ago#6

Start with Fire Red and Leaf Green. Red/Blue are horribly outdated and archaic.

Then if you like FR/LG, move onto Emerald, and then Diamond and Pearl.

Actually, you could probably just start from Emerald or Diamond/Pearl.
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User Info: DarkAnakinSith

9 years ago#7
The Original Red and Blue are the best. LG and FR I couldn't get into as much, probably because in my eyes the remake will never beat the original. Leaf Green didn't have the same feel as Blue. I have Blue, Red, Silver, Crystal, used to have Leaf Green but was dissapointed so I sold it, Sapphire and Pearl.

In order of which I think are the best

Pokemon Blue/Red (GB)
Pokemon Silver/Gold/Crystal (GBC)
Pokemon Pearl/Diamond (DS)
Pokemon Sapphire/Ruby

I like the originals the best because it just reminds me of when I was 12 years old playing Pokemon with all my school friends, thats why my favourtends to sway towards Blue. Likewise for Silver as well, although I have fond memories of Silver, nothing can beat the feeling I first got when turned on my Blue Version for the first time.

I mainly play Pearl now, because that is where all the competition is, but I have recently bought myself a Game Boy Color for memories sake, and I am raising a team on my original Blue Version that I got for my 12th birthday. I am now 21............

If you want an authentic Pokemon Experience then play them in order and see the evolution.

Start with Blue or Red to get used to the series and then progress onto Silver. After that buy Ruby or Sapphire because you can get Pokemon on Ruby and Sapphire that you can't get in Pearl and Diamond, and then you can transfer the Pokemon from Ruby/Sapphire to your Pokemon Pearl/Diamond cart.

Don't get me wrong, Pokemon Pearl and Diamond are amazing, and they are the best games if your looking for more Pokemon, a bigger world, more to do and lets not forget the Wi-Fi battles, but for sheer nostalgia Blue and Silver are my favourites, but if you have never played Pokemon before you might find Blue/Red outdated, so I would suggest buy Leaf Green or Fire Red first and then buy Pearl or Diamond. After that you can decide if you want Ruby or Sapphire.

- Dark Anakin

User Info: Setrack

9 years ago#8
the originals totally own the remakes
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User Info: deoxxys

9 years ago#9
haha dude simple= yes

Know what I did yesterday? I picked up a gameboy color ($10) and pokemon blue ($3) from gamestop

if you buy alot just get one game from each generation. They're all good.

I never played any but the portable console ones.

User Info: KomodoTheNinja

9 years ago#10
"the originals totally own the remakes"

In terms of what, glitches?
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