Who started their pokemon Blue game again?

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User Info: mtbelley

9 years ago#1
I got an R4 for xmas, so then I tried to find a GB/GBC emulator and put a blue rom on it and I forgot how BAD pidgey looked.
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User Info: davedogg6668

9 years ago#2
I fired up a new game about three months ago. It's still ridiculously entertaining, at least for me.

User Info: sith_acolyte15

9 years ago#3
Same here. I fired it back up about 2 weeks ago. Now, if only I had Red, I could finish the damn PokeDex. I need three frickin pokemon to finish too. I have Yellow as well, so I can get the Scyther I need, but Ekans and Electabuzz, I can't get.
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User Info: ultravaidd

9 years ago#4
Started one during Christmas. I had a Charizard, Jolteon and Golem all over level 40 by the time I hit Erica's gym. lol. So easy.
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User Info: Ravenous_Moon

9 years ago#5
Started a new game a couple of weeks ago, beat the Elite Four just now.
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  3. Who started their pokemon Blue game again?

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