I caught 'em all!

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User Info: ratboy64

9 years ago#1

When I was 6 years old my bro had red i had blue we caught all 150 and loaded them on to my blue version and i got a friend to get me Mew. I went to Prof Oak thinking I would actually get something but nope he said it was coming along fine and to keep trying and i would soon get there. I felt as though the last 6 months of my life were wasted. but it entertained my friends showing it off.

User Info: pur3gamer12

9 years ago#2
"Math my dear boy is nothing more than the lesbian sister of biology"~ Peter Griffin, Family Guy.

User Info: ratboy64

9 years ago#3
anybody else master pokemon like me?

User Info: ultravaidd

9 years ago#4
Go on Netbattle, then claim you mastered Pokemon.

Here's a shield.
Call me Ultra. See quote.
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