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User Info: Chickenman77

9 years ago#1
So if i were trying to get a bunch of rare candies and wanted to do the missingno. glitch, would it screw the game up a lot if i just encounter it and run away? Or is that only when you catch it? Because I have done it before(but this is long ago so i can't remember) but i don't think it did anything bad to the game- I just wanted to know.

Also I know that it screws up the hall of fame thing but I want to know if it does anything else other than that.
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User Info: PIKA740

9 years ago#2
7) Missingno (or "DIE GAME DIE!!!!!")
Encountering Missingno is known to glitch the game, and I personally have lost a cartridge to it. Use it if you want but I will take NO responsibility for loss of data - You have been warned.

To encounter Missingno, the simplest way is to talk to the "coffee" guy to the north of Viridian City in Red/Blue/Green ONLY, and let him show you how to catch a common Weedle. Fly or Teleport directly to Cinnabar island and surf on the right hand coast.

Depending on your name (See the strategy guide by R. Jones for full details), you will encounter pokemon and some of these may well be Missingno or 'M'.

These 2 will scramble your pokemon League Hall of Fame and will add 127 to the 6th item if it's below 127 (which it WILL be unless you've already done it). This fact allows you to get near infinite Rare Candies/PP Ups/TMs (or any item).

I suspect that Missingno scrambles other data due to personal experience, so the choice of risking it is up to you.

It would be MUCH safer to run.
Have something like a Pokedoll, in your 6th slot and use it to run. If you have low levels.
Yet if you have a nugget, it won't matter if your Pokemon faint.
You will always have money.
Just don't catch it.
Take your trolling else where.
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User Info: RedXIII400

9 years ago#3
If I may edit what the previous poster said, Just make sure it doesn't to into a PC Box. If you wish to catch it, make sure you have at least one open party slot...
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