Question about link cables

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User Info: bubblesoda

9 years ago#1
is there a link cable where you can link up a gameboy color with a gameboy advanced?

or can a standard gameboy cable hook up to a gameboy advanced with out a special cord?

User Info: pokedude7

9 years ago#2
I believe that you can use the Game Boy Color link cable to link up both the GBC with the GBA. If not, then use a Pelican 3 way Universal Link Cable.

User Info: Rossmacdaddy

9 years ago#3
From what I've seen, you can link to a GBA using a GBC cable, but it doesn't work for all games. You can't link from a GBC to a GBASP though... not sure why.
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User Info: Lord_Yojimbo29

9 years ago#4
GBA and GBASP are compatible with the GBC link cable, but you can't go from GBC to GBA. However, it's a lot easier to get your hands on a GBA these days, so you can still trade.
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User Info: PIKA740

9 years ago#5
You need a GBC link cable to trade.
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