Broken Game? Help?

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User Info: 420Metal666

9 years ago#1
When i start up my Blue version, it goes to the Gameboy screen and the "Nintendo" at the bottom is scrambled, i blew in it like 1949735 times and it still don't work. Is it lights out for Blue Version, or does anyone have a secret remedy?

Also can you trade from Red & Blue to Fire Red and Leaf Green?

User Info: Ki_cat_

9 years ago#2
It's broken, get a new one and no to the question.
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User Info: Rossmacdaddy

9 years ago#3
Oh, and don't blow on the cartridge. As much as it seems like it's helping, it actually adds moisture to the cart... which is bad. :)
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User Info: Thepowerofpika

9 years ago#4
Clean the connectors of the blue cartridge.
Clean Gameboy connectors
Test it out on another system
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User Info: pokedude7

9 years ago#5
To clean the cartridge and Game Boy connectors:

Take a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol.
Dip the cotton swab into the rubbing alcohol.
Wipe the moist cotton swab end on the connectors.

User Info: DrNoob911

9 years ago#6
than throw it into a fire pit and run into heavy traffic
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