What causes strange level up glitch with Blue & PS2?

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User Info: BaalASystemLord

9 years ago#1
I have been using the Mew/teleport glitch to get pokemon at low levels on route 24. I got a bunch of them at level 7, then found out about using Growl to get a lower level. It took me a while to get my Growl using pokemon leveled up enough to survive the battles. Today I got two more pokemon (one at a time), both at level 1.

My first level 1 was a Tentacool. After catching her, I healed my party (including the Tentacool) at a Pokecenter. I then saved, turned the game off, and put the game pak in my N64 controller and turned on Pokemon Stadium 2. I put the Tentacool in one of the Blue game's PC boxes and saved. I then noticed that she was now level 2.

The next level 1 pokemon I caught was an Exeggutor. When catching and viewing while playing Blue on my GBC, she stayed at level 1. I viewed her through PS2 and it showed her as being level 2. I did not save. I turned off the N64 and put the game pak back in my GBC to put this pokemon in the PC, same box as my Tentacool. She stayed at level 1, but when I checked with the PS2 again it still showed her at level 2.

Each of them had 1 experience point at level 1 and 9 more to go before they were supposed to get to the next level.

So as long as I don't save the game while going through PS2, the level 1 pokemon won't get the level up glitch. I still don't know what, exactly, causes it.

I know I didn't make a mistake about the levels these two pokemon were caught because some (but not all) of their stats even showed an increase when viewing through Pokemon Stadium 2. I also went immediately to the Pokecenter after catching them, so I know I didn't get into any battles for them to get any experience.

Here is a link to my topic where I found out about making the Mew glitch pokemon level 1.


The only kind of level up glitch mentioned isn't for the level 1 Pokemon I caught. Has this happened to anyone else? If it has, do you know what it is that really causes it. Do you think it has something to do with how PS2 calculates the stats to show how they would be in the 2nd gen games?

I want to know so I can avoid it happening again. I don't want to avoid using PS2 with this game because I use it to see the 2nd gen base stats of each of my pokemon at the level I catch them. This glitch makes it where I can only know what those stats are at level 2 for a level 1 pokemon. The only level one stats I see are through my GBC and are the 1st gen, so I'm missing the special attack and special defense. It's really annoying.
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User Info: pokedude7

9 years ago#2
Though you CAN catch pokemon at level 1 via the Mew Glitch, the lowest default level of a pokemon that you can catch in the wild is level 2. PS2 uses the default level when you look at the stats, instead of the level you catch it at (if the level is below 2).
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