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User Info: weresdfd

9 years ago#1
Golbat: Explosion, Drill Peck, Night Shade, Horn Attack
Spearow: Psychic, Fury Swipes, Counter, Growl
Seaking: Meditate, Wing Attack, Slash, Aurora Beam
Jigglypuff: Jump Kick, Hyper Beam, Leer, Rock Slide
Rapidash: Thunderbolt, Smokescreen, Fury Swipes, Clamp
Bulbasaur: Agility, Mega Drain, Thundershock, Meditate

User Info: zesoupmonster

9 years ago#2
o_O Hack for better moves.

Bulbasaur: Agility, Mega Drain, Thundershock, Meditate
^That doesn't even make sense.

User Info: Setrack

9 years ago#3
cool team 10/10
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