ITT: Your favorite fake glitches/cheats that people have made up for this game.

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User Info: Lord_Yojimbo29

9 years ago#1
Back in the day, my friends and I would regularly make up crap about how to get Mew, Pikablu, and other ridiculous things. I personally found these fake cheats the funniest and most absurd:

-To get Mew, you have to beat the Elite Four with a trainer-raised level 100 Magikarp.
-Use Strength on the truck(yes, that truck) to find a Pokeball with Mew.
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User Info: Alteisen

9 years ago#2
-If you evolve Charmander at level 100, you'll get a brand new Pokemon called Charizoid, a Mechanical Dragon.
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User Info: Ki_cat_

9 years ago#3
To get pikablue, pikabud, pikaflar, togepie, and professor oak (yes a wild one) you mustn't go on the S.S Ann, get all the pokemon, come back, go surf on the side until you find the truck, use strength to move it and youll find two pokeballs. One pokeball contains Mew (you fight it) and the other contains TM 52 called "Tombstone" which is a move only Mew can learn. You use it to get past those white blocks. If you use it near Pallet town youll find pikablue and stuff. Prof Oak knows Book throw, teach, faint attack and sweet kiss.
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User Info: AxisBAL

9 years ago#4
Pikablue: Raise a pikachu to lvl 100 naturally, have him fight the elite 4 without switching, and use a watersone on him right before you fight Gary.

Mew: Strength on THE TRUCK
So it goes

User Info: Metal_Warriors

9 years ago#5
bills garden. were you could apparently catch pikablu. steelix and celebi
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User Info: Turtle_Face

9 years ago#6
This one always bugged me: with a party consisting of Eevie and it's three evolutions, a Dragonite, and Mewtwo (all max level of course), Bill would take you behind his house to get Mew. I told my friends this when I first heard of it and one of them actually told me it was true xD

And yeah, lifting the truck with Strength... also another fave lol and one I just had to test with a gameshark >.<

User Info: skullkrak

9 years ago#7
My pal started this rumor that once you beat the game and filled the pokedex that Oak would give you a level one Charmander regardless of your starter, you had to get it to level 100 by any means but it had to stay a Charmander. If you succesfully did the task and returned the little guy to Oak he would open a gate to the field next to pallet where you could find and catch every pokemon at the time this was 151 plus togepy, a golden magikharp, pikaplu and a shadowy dragonite. There was also supposedly a large billboard that said "Welcome To Charmander Fields" and had a large photo of him. I still think it would be a pain in the ass to have 155 pokemon running around in the same damn spot...
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  3. ITT: Your favorite fake glitches/cheats that people have made up for this game.

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