How To Get an LVL 80 Starmie with only one badge!!!

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User Info: thajj

9 years ago#1

Oke i was just busy with getting mew And then i did this trick on an other Trainer And i runned up on a LVL 80 Starmie!! Ok heres what you do!

1.Arrive in cerulean city and go up and defeat all the trainers on the bridge.
2.DO NOT fight the trainer in the grass west of the bridge, which is hiding.
3.Go up to bills house and leave
4.Go back to cerulean and don�t face the gym leader or her minor trainers
(Have a pokemon that know Teleport, if you don�t have one follow steps 5-7)

5.Leave the town through the house of the man that was robbed of dig.
6.Head north and go through the underground trail towards viridian city.
7.In the route before entering viridian catch an Abra by all means and head back to cerulean

8.When you are ready to face mew equip your strongest pokemon on top of your crew and make sure to visit ceruleans pokemon center.
9.Go up through the bridge and try to stand directly in front of the trainer's eye line but making sure the trainer is off-screen and if you take one step towards him would bring him on screen and trigger a battle.
10.Take one step towards him making him able to battle you but make sure right after you step towards him, QUICKLY press start and select your teleporting pokemon so you can teleport out.
11. If you did it right, the trainer will notice you but you will teleport and arrive in the pokemon center of cerulean.
12.Then go and challenge ONLY the swimmer in the cerulean gym. Once you defeat him head out towards the bridge
13.Keep heading north on the bridge until your start screen pops up by itself. If you did it right quickly press start and a wild pokemon will appear, but who can it be? Mew will appear

Ok Follow that After you did this do step 9 , 10 and 11 Now go out of town by going in the house where the team rocket mn was and gave you dig there go down past the daycar and more down you see little house go in. then you see stair go in walk all way down! then you see stairs dgo in then go out the room go down Dont DEFEAT ANY TRAINER So dont defeat the Trainer with the butterfree! and go down you will se 2 trainers a girl and a men fight the girl afte you beaten her go all the way back to the Bridge where you catched mew now do the same and something says you will enterd team rocket and then lvl 80 starmie just hit im to the half and catch im and the best thing is !!!!!! YOU CAN CONTROL STARMIE LVL 80!!!

User Info: KomodoTheNinja

9 years ago#2
How to speak English: The Movie
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User Info: greeniceman111

9 years ago#3
Now why would somebody go though all this mess for a troll topic? and also quit murdering theEnglish language.
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User Info: Lord_Yojimbo29

9 years ago#4
*eyes bleed*
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User Info: gollumbells

9 years ago#5
a lvl 80 starmie would spoil the game at that stage because all youd use is the starmie and not anything else
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User Info: Jolt135

9 years ago#6
Being that it's possible to skip Brock entirely, you can go even better and get L100 Mew on no badges.
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