found my old blue cartridge....

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User Info: squalledout388

6 years ago#1
because i look on craigslist and find a post from a guy who wants to purchase red and blue so i begin to dig through some boxes to get the game out. once i found it i shoot him a text and he asks how much. well, its been sitting a while and i no longer have a GB to check it out, so i do a quick search and find they are worth 10-15 dollars. i say 10 bux. i get a text back that says "for something that's been sitting and unknown if it works? thanks but no thanks, i will try to find a deal where i'm not getting ripped off. i will give you $3 for it." you know, i'm pretty reasonable, but be a douche, and then make an offer that isn't worth ANYONES time??? g.t.f.o. anyways, now that i found my cartridge, gonna have to pick up an old GBC and pop this thing in! be interesting to see my last save(if the battery is still working, which i doubt, but hope it is) and see what kind of team i had going. jeez... can't believe its been over 10 years since i played this stuff...
Actually, there was this one time. I grabbed the wrong whammy bar and deployed star power a bit too early. I stained the rug with my x8 multiplier.- Redvett111

User Info: Newagered05

6 years ago#2
Yeah, I've been playing Yellow this week. was about 10 years since I played also.
My first copy was Blue. :)

What was your starter? I picked Squirtle.
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