is this lapras worth keeping?

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User Info: videogamepharoh

6 years ago#1
heres the ivs: 13-15 hp, 15 attack, 0-5 defense, 15 special, and 5-10 speed. the speed isnt a big deal, but ik that lapras gives a damn for his defense... but everything else is soooo awesome... seems this game really loves offense and really hates defense.... this is the third pokemon ive got in 2 days w/ almost max offensive stats and craptastic defenses...
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User Info: Liikala

6 years ago#2
Just a note, having Defense be an odd number add 4 points to HP, so Defense is either 1, 3 or 5, as the HP is high. Also, Speed adds 2, and since it's 15 (odd), you know that HP can't be 13.

So in other words, HP is either 14 or 15, Attack is 15, Defense is 1, 3 or 5, Speed is 15 and Special is 5-10.

If you happen to get 15/15/5/15/9, I'd use it. 14/15/5/15/10 is another good possibility too.
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  3. is this lapras worth keeping?

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