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User Info: gobluefan101

6 years ago#1
So between my red, blue and pokemon stadium I completed the pokedex on my blue version. Was hoping for something cool or some sort of reward, nope nothing, can go see a certificate and be congratulated by professor oak, what a huge waste of time. Wish they had made something special for completing the pokedex

User Info: Gunbladelad

6 years ago#2
Congratulations. It was a long time coming, but you've finally got there.

Granted, all you get ingame is a certificate, but you get the satisfaction in knowing that you've actually managed to "Catch 'em all".

With the current batch of games, I doubt many people will have the time or resources to go out to get a full "national pokedex" - I stopped counting with Gen 2, but I do have a complete Pokedex on Yellow, Crystal & Ruby. I really couldn't be bothered with the later games.
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User Info: TheGreatDebate

6 years ago#3
Congrats, you caught all 150-151. Now there's 649. Get going.
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User Info: Argh4430

6 years ago#4
I will say this, though: By having trades be over wi-fi now, it's a heck of a lot easier to do it. I don't have access to the correct wi-fi most of the time, but I just like to try and finish the region's pokedex more than the national.
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User Info: Fallacia

6 years ago#5
Definitely. I never had 151 on the Pokedex until 2006, but now I'm sitting on around 400 in Platinum, with the only things left being evolutions and trades from HG/SS. Thanks to wi-fi and online/friend code trades, everything was simplified by quite a bit. With the way things are now,I could sit down now and have all of the rest those finished before sleeping. Black and White will be a bit of a different monster though. Slow method of transfer between 4th and 5th gen games will make things quite a bit slower for the majority of what needs transferred. Still, at least the important ones could be easily found with wi-fi.
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User Info: Pringlesman

6 years ago#6
Really? I found it to be the opposite. The transfer from Gen 3 to gen 4 was much slower. It takes me more time to run around finding all those pokes in the pal park than the catapult mini game in gen 5 takes me. Not to mention the limit of once per day thing. It only took me a couple of hours to transfer the 400 or so pokemon I had in SS to white. I'm currently sitting at 625/649 myself. Just need some event pokemon and some legendaries I've neglected to collect over the years. All of which require me to start a new game on that cartridge.
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User Info: Fallacia

6 years ago#7
I've only heard what a friend said about it since I still only have my saves at the beginning of Black and White. I think he may have been raging a bit for whatever reason when he said it, because it doesn't sound that bad now. I also didn't know that the daily transfer limit didn't apply, so things are looking better than I had expected.

I'll admit though that having multiple titles in a generation did help a bit with Pal Park.
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