Scary Pokemon Blue story

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User Info: gio248

6 years ago#1
okay so i was on youtube and "BlameTruth" a commentator had uploaded a video (near Halloween) about some stuff happening...
naturally i thought it was fake but for this to be fake he must be a great actor because he really does sound afraid.
Here's the video:
What do you guys think?
Has anything similar happened to any of you?

User Info: gbchaosmaster

6 years ago#2
Good ol' easily impressionable youth.

User Info: WiinolikePS3

6 years ago#3
Missingno. doesn't transform into pokemon, and if anything would happen to the sprites, it would be that they'd get really garbled up, not to have colors change in a colorless game >_>

I like stuff like this a lot, but this one reminds me of stories I'd tell kids in 2nd grade about my pokemon dying and having their heads chopped off and stuff. >_>
I play Black Ops because I'd rather play a terrible game with my friends than play a good game alone. Black FC: 0991-1063-0052
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