Would it hurt my game save, if I...

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User Info: DAH_Joe

5 years ago#1
capture a level 124 Raidash? It's the glitch where you go talk to the guy and ask about having free time and he shows you how to capture a weedle. Then you fly to cinnabar island and surf along the edge of the ocean. I usually get a meowth, Missing #, powerful Radadash, a level zero Missing #, or a vulpix. I just want the rapidash that is level 124. Would it hurt my game save?
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User Info: pokedude7

5 years ago#2
It shouldn't, however 2 things:

1. Hope you're not planning on using it; any Exp and it goes right back to level 100.

2. The only thing that might mess up your game save is if you see/catch 'M' (MissingNo is a whole other kettle of fish).

User Info: Gunbladelad

5 years ago#3
If you check the various glitch FAQs, you'll find that you can play around with the OT name so that the "Old man / Surfing glitch" won't result in any potentially harmful Missingno / 'M' encounters.
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  3. Would it hurt my game save, if I...

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