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User Info: pojr

5 years ago#1
I made a topic like this before and got a lot of negative feedback. I had Pokemon like Pinsir, Gyarados, Cloyster and a few others on my team. After all the feedback I received, I switched up my team and their movesets a little bit. Starmie and Dragonite were the only two Pokemon I kept on my team from last time.


Ice Beam


Swords Dance
Body Slam


Body Slam
Hyper Beam
Thunder Wave


Body Slam
Hyper Beam


Double Kick
Thunder Wave
Pin Missile


ThunderPunch (from Gold)
Confuse Ray

I have a few things I want to say:

1. Magmar knows ThunderPunch. He can't learn it in generation 1 but he can in generation 2. Assuming I were to go competitive, would this be allowed?

2. Some of these sets are based on Smogon's recommended sets, while others are not.

3. I'm thinking about replacing every Blizzard with Ice Beam, just because I plan on using some of these Pokemon in Pokemon Stadium 2. I'm also thinking about switching Magmar's Flamethrower with Fire Blast, but I don't know because I hate the accuracy.

4. I'm aware that some Pokemon I selected are not the best. For an example, I picked Magmar over Arcanine, and Sandslash over Rhydon. I did that on purpose because I didn't want a whole ton of OU Pokemon.

Rate away.
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User Info: spyke252

5 years ago#2
I don't have too much to say, but:
-Your Dragonite is completely outclassed by your Tauros. Consider changing him to be a Wrap Dragonite, or dumping either him or Tauros- Otherwise, he'll never get used in Stadium and you're losing a valuable team spot to cover Rhydon/Golem (Who will sweep your team if Starmie dies). I'd trade him for Exeggutor, but that's just me.
-Magmar, if you choose to use him, should be more of an annoyer, as he has very little special IIRC. But, it sounds like your mind is made up.

As for your questions:

1. Such moves are called "Tradebacks" and it is normally up to the tourney host as to whether they're allowed or not. I'd say normally yes, but it depends on where you're playing.

2. There's a reason why Smogon has sets for each usable pokemon. If you're disregarding it, you really should have a reason- something like, "My team has very weak flying coverage so I'm giving Machamp Thunderpunch instead of EQ" or "I think my opponent will guess that I'm using a Smogon moveset and attempt to counter it, switching to a pokemon that walls such a moveset, so I'm going to build this pokemon with that in mind". Smogon is a resource, and by no means a definitive list of every use of every pokemon; however, some pokemon are just horrible, some movesets are horrible, and some combinations of both are horrible. There's no case where having both flamethrower and Fire Blast is a good idea, just like there's no case where using farfetch'd is a good idea. You're taking a competitive hit when you disregard such advice; ultimately, it's your decision.

3. I'm a fan of the higher-accuracy moves even if the expected damage is less.

4. See 2.

User Info: SeanSawx05

5 years ago#3
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