Minor side effect of the Mew Teleport Glitch?

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User Info: BohepansThe2nd

5 years ago#1
Something possessed me to go down...or rather up, Cycling Road while locked out of my menu. And the game couldn't constantly pull me downhill! My speed was still altered for heading up, but it couldn't forcibly draw me back down. This went away as soon as I entered a trainer battle as normal when executing the base glitch.
Is this known? I mean yes, it's so minor and silly that I'm sure nobody would really care, but I'm just curious, is all. I did take a brief glance through the Mew Teleport Glitch guide and didn't see a mention, and a search of the board gave me several threads about the Mew Teleport Glitch itself, but nothing about such a minor side effect. So I'm just curious, is all, if anyone else has experienced this. I thought it was kinda funny myself, heh.
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User Info: MaskedSheik

5 years ago#2
It's happened to me before. I never paid it much heed. I wonder, if a long-range trainer sees you on Cycling Road, are you pulled down in the rest of the overworld while your menu's disabled?
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