Leveling cinnabar-caught Pokemon

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User Info: jmulford88

5 years ago#1
OK so, starting ANOTHER blue version file and I have a question. I checked the blue red and yellow topics with no luck.

I've never used the missingno glitch for anything other than item duplication but I just read through the glitch faq and the idea of manipulating my name to catch the other two starters sounds appealing. However, one concern comes to mind.

I know leveling a Pokemon caught above level 100 reverts it back to 100 and that rare-candying it up to 255 and then leveling it reverts it all the way back to level 1. My question is how does a Pokemon brought back down to level 1 level up?

If I tweak my name to catch a bulbasaur at level 127, raise it to 255, and then level it to 1, can I now raise it normally to be a venasaur? Will it go and learn all its proper moves as it re-levels?

Like I said, the idea of all three starters is very appealing but only if I can mold them from scratch with their best natural-learned moves included

Sorry if that's a little to text-wallish
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User Info: gjdsj

5 years ago#2
It will learn the moves at the same levels as an ordinary Bulbasaur if you raise it from level 1.
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