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User Info: PyreofKoL

5 years ago#1
How many of you got Blue version as opposed to Red back in the day? It seemed like I was the only kid with a copy of Blue in my school.

User Info: IDKSI

5 years ago#2
I had the blue version, Blastoise was and always will be my favorite Pokemon. How do you not like a giant, bada## turtle that literally has cannons for shoulders

User Info: PyreofKoL

5 years ago#3
Venesaur is my favorite of the original starters. I got Blue because I hated how Charizard was just everywhere.

User Info: Gunbladelad

5 years ago#4
I myself got Blue - mainly because the other 2 guys I knew that had the game had Red and Yellow.

I know - it's weird, there were 3 of us - all in our twenties playing Pokemon. We're now in our 30s and still enjoying them.
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User Info: SuperSailorMoon

5 years ago#5
I got Blue and Red together when they just came out.
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User Info: PikachuMittins

5 years ago#6
I was too young to actually own any games at the time, but i borrowed Blue from my friend's older brother. Solo'd with my Starter Blastoise up to Cinnabar Island. Best playthrough ever.
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