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Game Corner: Actual Costs of Prizes

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User Info: crystalfury2406

4 years ago#1
(If someone already did this, I apologize for stealing your idea.)

It's easier just to buy the coins for Game Corner prizes. For quick reference, I translated the coin totals into what the actual currency cost would be.

Dragon Rage: $66,000
Hyper Beam: $110,000
Substitute: $154,000

Pokemon- Some amounts are rounded up. ie. Abra costs 120 coins, but the $ cost reflects an even 150.

Abra: $3000 (Blue), $4000 (Red), $5000 (Yellow)
Clefairy: $10,000 (Blue), $15,000 (Red)
Nidorina (Red) /Nidorino (Blue): $24,000

Dratini: $56,000 (Red), $92,000 (Blue)
Porygon: $200,000 (Red, Yellow), $130,000 (Blue)
Scyther: $110,000 (Red), $130,000 (Yellow)
Pinsir: $50,000 (Blue), $130,000 (Yellow)
Vulpix (Yellow): $10,000
Wigglytuff (Yellow): $54,000 (Rounded to an even 2700 coins)
Current Nuzlocke: Diamond
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User Info: pokedude7

4 years ago#2
Interesting, though I never really thought about it. It also takes about $200,000 to fill up the Coin Case to Maximum capacity.
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