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User Info: Spencee

4 years ago#1
I stumbled across the "This board is why I made my GameFaqs account" and saw tons of old users post, triggering all sorts of nostalgia and great memories. After all, I was "13 or so" when I created this account, and I am now 23. I still frequent Smogon and keep in contact with a few of those users, but, like many of you, this is the board I "really" grew up with, and it’s one of the few things from my early teenage internet days I will always remember.

I wanted to make a post in the other topic, but unfortunately the topic was archived.

A few pieces of nostalgia:

- Gunbladelad helping me create my first RBY team on PBS. It was fairly standard, but I remember it included Nidoking (not Beedrill - much to his disappointment)

- The Mew glitch topic. I don't remember exactly who posted it, but I remember we were all suspicious until Jolt posted something along the lines of "IT WORKS!"

- The Fire Bunny/cool poke incident. I'm not even going to go into detail about it, but this was one for the ages.

- Best RBY battlers at the time: Hipmonlee, Redwall Dude, red13n (our very own Gamefaqs moderator), Nitro, Syberia, Cloggerdude, Vineon.

- Playing RBY on Netbattle for the first time via the "RBY Server." It was hosted by Wally and wasn't the most popular server (Blue Heaven was the place to go and was GSC only), but I had a ton of fun battling with Fuzion, Lesm46, Boongee, Kuleguy, etc. etc. We had some pretty intense internet “Sorry” board games as well.

- Other people I remember: GGFan (the one and only), shallow man, Sts, Metal Mew, Undone, RPG Brandon, golden_goldeen, Yurika, Mr. JMC. I'm sure I'm missing a ton of people I would immediately recall if mentioned.

- Tons of other stuff I'm forgetting. If you used to frequent this board back in its golden era and have some good memories, please share!
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User Info: Spencee

4 years ago#2
Oh wow, I forgot I changed my username years ago on here (it's really been that long since I posted).

I used to go by roy master.
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User Info: ChumslyMcGumsly

4 years ago#3
I really find it even more interesting that GGFan ended up becoming the greatest RBYer of all time after reading topics like these.
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User Info: TheBigQuestion

4 years ago#4
Huh, I thought Vineon was just a gimmick who got mad that GGFan became better than him:
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User Info: ProvocativeFlow

4 years ago#5
wait i'm confused is TC another vineon alt?
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User Info: StS

4 years ago#6
Whoo roy master! HIIIIIIIIIIII
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User Info: Gunbladelad

4 years ago#7
Welcome back Roy Master - Good to see that the board has plenty of memories for you.

Some of the older members still pop in every now and then, but a couple of us (like me) never left.
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User Info: Mr_GGFan

4 years ago#8
TheBigQuestion posted...
Huh, I thought Vineon was just a gimmick who got mad that GGFan became better than him:

Ah, the classic.
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User Info: Mr_GGFan

4 years ago#9
Now that I'm here I may as well divulge some of my fondest memories of my time spent here. There's a lot to mention, as I was by far the most popular person here from 2003-2004. Almost every topic was about me.

~Winning TOS. This is now known as a legendary tournament, and rightfully so. It proved to the community that a rookie could defeat a more experienced player, and my victory over MetalMew with a UU/BL team against his OU team was a good preamble to my future dominance.

~The 90-minute classic against Hipmonlee. To this day, this may be my greatest match ever. Even though I--sadly--do not possess the log, I still remember the ending clearly. It came down to my Tauros against his Lapras and Rhydon. Tauros landed a paraslam, bringing Lapras down to 40%. Hyper Beam would have killed it, but I would have lost if he switched to Rhydon, as my Tauros had only 17%. I decided to go with Body Slam, hoping for either a switch, an fp, or a crit. His Rhydon ate a crit Body Slam, which allowed Blizzard to do enough damage to kill it. Lapras died to Hyper Beam on the following turn. This was the game that really established me as a great player.

~Beating Nitro with a team of 5 Pokemon in the type clause tournament. I accidentally gave Venomoth Golduck's moveset, so I wasn't allowed to use it (obviously). Nonetheless, I played very well and was about to win 4-0 when my mother had to use the phone (lol dial-up). Still, I count this as a win, and I'm sure anybody who had half a brain would as well. It was my full-health Alakazam, sleeping Venusaur, half-health Raichu with Seismic Toss, and another Pokemon against his 60% paralyzed Jolteon with -1 special and a Tangela. Shame on you, MetalMew, for making me have a rematch, but you never had much of a spine to begin with.

~Calling gunbladelad fat in an email that I sent him. Gunbladelad's gimmick was that he was an aloof troll who branded me as the cancer of this board while vitiating said board by talking about me in every topic. Needless to say, he was easy to upset. His disdain for me reached an all-time high after he posted an unflattering picture of himself. I emailed him, saying something along the lines of, "nice pic, piggy." Gunbladelad threatened to have me arrested, and the local sycophants like roy master exhorted him.

By the way, hats off to you, gunbladelad, for maintaining your gimmick for all of this time. You aren't the troll you were 10 years ago, however, which is good. Glad to see that you've learned to control yourself.

~Becoming the first player to have won two tournaments on a single night. First I beat kuleguy18 in the finals of a RandomPokemonTournament, then Fuzion in the finals of a triple-type tournament. I was actually losing against Fuzion, but pulled off a big comeback to win 1-0. Meanwhile, my lackey-turned-anti-GGFan-gimmick, Yashouzoid, was cheering me on the whole time. Honestly, though, what I remember more than the victory was the reaction from other people. My sig was something like, "first battler to have won two tournaments in a single night," much to the umbrage of the anti-GGFan contingency. That really got on people's nerves, and by god did I find it hilarious. Also, I pulled off my comeback against Fuzion on the same night the Yankees made that miracle rally against the Red Sox in game 7 of the 2003 ACLS, a fact that I made sure to bring up.

I'll post more later.
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User Info: Mr_GGFan

4 years ago#10
Back from work. Here's some more of my fondest memories:

~The GameFAQs Summer UU tourney. This was a memorable tournament for two reasons: it was a "who's who" of GameFAQs at the time, and because of some drama caused by my personal troll-in-a-bottle, Vineon. Vineon said "just lose already," only to choke in the second round while I went on to win the tournament. Moreover, I won all my games with a score of 3-0 or higher. After winning the tournament, I was challenged to an impromptu match by McGraw, who had some qualms with my claim of being the best UU battler. I won the match easily.

~A tournament final against kuleguy18 in September of 2003. Kuleguy and I had great chemistry--most of our games were very competitive and weren't decided until the final turn. He was, besides Hipmonlee, my best opponent from the GameFAQs era. A lot was on the line in this match because I was 7-0 in tournament finals and obviously didn't want to experience defeat for the first time. The game came down Tauros against Tauros, with me coming out on top for the 1-0 win.

~TOS3. By 2004 this board was practically dead as a competitive community. I consider TOS3 the last great RBY tournament of the GameFAQs era because of its respectable size and valiant performance by me. I lost 2-0 to Fuzion in the first round, much to the happiness of certain people. However, I did not let this early setback deter my ambitions to win the tournament. Although I was already in the losers' bracket, I fought my way through StS and David Kirk to meet my former pupil, Red Comet Sazabi, in the fifth round. Sazabi's gimmick was that he magically started hating me so that he could fit in with the local losers. I say "local losers" because everybody (Yashouzoid, David Kirk, Red Comet Sazabi) who no longer associated themselves with me went on to perform badly in tournaments and fade into obscurity shortly afterwards. In the case of Red Comet Sazabi, I never saw him again after our tournament match, in which the exit bug ended our game prematurely and I declared that a rematch be necessary. He refused to play me again and disappeared along with the other anti-GGFan gimmicks.

In the semi finals I met Fuzion in a round one rematch. It was a relatively close game that I won 2-0. Shortly after my win, my grandparents passed away within three days of each other. To exacerbate this already-bad situation, I got struck with an illness. Nonetheless, I pulled a Michael Jordan and defeated Lesm in the finals thanks to an outstanding performance.

More will come later.
Ist zwivel herzen nachgebur, daz muoz der sele werden sur. - Wolfram von Eschenbach

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