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User Info: FanMattai

3 years ago#1
What do you think is the best way to experience all six generations?
In terms of content, story/narrative, pokemon, etc.
Please explain/justify your answers.

Of the following...

Gen I: Red, Blue, Yellow, FireRed, LeafGreen
Gen II: Gold, Silver, HeartGold, SoulSilver
Gen III: Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald
Gen IV: Diamond, Pearl, Platinum
Gen V: Black, White, Black 2, White 2
Gen VI: X, Y

It doesn't need to be one game per generation, either.
For instance, you might think both Black and White are worth playing, despite redundancies. Or you may say one ought to play Yellow in addition to LeafGreen.
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User Info: Gunbladelad

3 years ago#2
First of all - Fire Red & Leaf Green are Gen III through and through, while Heart Gold & Soul Silver are 100% Gen IV. Admittedly, they may be the simplest way for lots of players to experience the Gen 1 & 2 storylines, but their game engines are firmly linked to the other games on their formats.

Gen 1 - If you don't want to do glitches, then Yellow (Native GBC support & a couple extras put in - including being able to obtain all starters). If you want to play around with Missingno (something I still don't recommend, but I won't stop you) then either Red or Blue - it's not important which.

Gen 2 - It has to be Crystal the game you've neglected to mention. Essentially everything from Gold & Silver, but with extra NPCs, the very first introduction of the Battle Tower and only 2 of the roaming Legendaries that run from you.

Gen 3 - Gotta be Emerald here. It's the most comprehensive game of that generation. Obligatory note goes to both Fire Red & Leaf Green here for those that can't get a copy of a proper Gen 1 game, as this will allow them to play Gen 1's story - albeit in the Gen 3 engine.

Gen 4 - Platinum here. Like Crystal, it's more comprehensive that Diamond & Pearl, with a few extra things thrown in. Heart Gold & Souls Silver get a bonus mention here for various things - Allowing people to experience Gen 2's story once again without replacing their save batteries, bringing in the Pokewalker (a more modern implementation of the extremely rare Pokemon Mini that worked with Gen 2) and all of Crystals additional content - as well as additions from later generations.

Gen V - Sorry, but my last game was Heart Gold, so I can't give any advice here. I should note that Black 2 & White 2 seemingly take place some time after Black & White themselves, so there may be story elements that you'd miss without the first games.

Gen VI - I can't give any advice here (see above), but with just 2 games out, it doesn't matter which you go for. If they release a Pokemon Z then it may be an idea to look into that.
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