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User Info: MaskedSheik

3 years ago#11
I mean, what are you afraid of? Slowbro's Water Gun? Jynx's Body Slam is unpleasant but you have Reflect and Recover and (presumably) Full Heal/Full Restore to work off the paralysis.

Just because your move is "not very effective" doesn't mean you can't win.
"I want to get off Mr. Giovanni's Wild Ride"
- Zigman369

User Info: StS

3 years ago#12
Sure, you can win against them. You'd just have to make sure you've got a load of ethers/elixirs, then.
Sandal that Stinks

User Info: MaskedSheik

3 years ago#13
True, though Slowbro and Jynx aren't really the limiting factors.

Think of it like this: the Psychic resist doubles their bulk, so fighting Slowbro, Jynx, and Rival's Alakazam is like fighting six Pokémon for the price of three. That sucks, but the Elite Four also has 23 other Pokémon. They're the ones who are really gonna drain your PP (though Rival's Alakazam can be a nuisance if it decides to Recover a lot).

Anyway, going back to the question of whether to catch something to help Alakazam, if you have enough Ethers/Elixers/PP Ups, go for it.

If not, catch Zapdos, Articuno, or some high-level Water-type (level 35/40 Tentacool is best IMO). With almost no training, they'll be able to significantly pick up some of the slack wrt PP. For instance, Tentacool should be able to beat Bruno, most of Lance, and a lot of Rival (Rhydon, Arcanine/Charizard, Exeggutor) by itself.
"I want to get off Mr. Giovanni's Wild Ride"
- Zigman369

User Info: froggy25

3 years ago#14
Yup, resistance is nothing when it's an Alakazam spamming Psychic on 0 stat exp'd Pokémon

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