So is this a common glitch

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User Info: Xanderlise

3 years ago#1
So yeah I downloaded blue on my iOS. Started playing picked squirtle and continued on. Turned in the oak parcel and used a gs code for master balls. Just wanted to play through the game without worrying about catching pokemon.

Well anyways I started noticing my squirtle was gaining boosted exp and at level 10 was doing his own thing.

I checked his id along with the pidgey and other pokemon I had. The squirtles was different. And no it's not a gameshark squirtle.

So is there a glitch where the starter has a different id I've never heard about it or could it have to do with the way I'm playing it(iOS and emulator)

User Info: Gunbladelad

3 years ago#2
What's probably happened is when you enabled codes you probably also altered Squirtle's OT number without noticing.
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